Tuesday, June 22, 2010

total summer fun.

We got a few new things for
our summer backyard.
A goofy {but awesome!} inflatable pool...
z 042

z 039

An Ikea easel, complete with
paint & paper
whiteboard markers
and a kitchen sponge for erasing. :)
z 022

z 019

z 031

z 026
Let's just say that this one was a HUGE hit. :)
He hasn't stopped playing with it.
Best cheap summer investment ever!

Summer dinosaur camp started yesterday for Andrew.
He is absolutely thrilled!!
When we get home after camp,
we make some fabulous art pieces,
then take a dip in the pool.
Andrew's summer is complete so far. :)


Sa-Sea Boutique said...

I NEED to go get that! We have the roll of paper from there with the little holder and I generally just use the paper to put UNDER craft projects to keep the table clean. I might need to take a trip to Ikea this week!

Feather said...

it's always the simplest things that kids are excited over! we have a similar easel, which is always outside for summer weather!

hey, try adding some shaving cream to your paints for some extra fun!

mysteryhistorymom said...

LOVE that picture of your cutie in the pool! Tell me more about dinosaur camp- how FAB! Lori

Heather at Blessed Little Nest said...

love.love.love that first photo!

we love that easel, too. i heart ikea! maybe a tiny bit too much :0)

Anonymous said...

Dinosaur camp?! My kids would just flip!
So you have a little artist! I have one myself; having that easel outside is fantastic. My little artist considers himself and everything else in the proximity a canvas as well. :)

Preppy Mama said...

Sounds like you guys are enjoying yourselves! Have you tried Chalk Markers? We love them!

Amie said...

He looks thrilled to have that little chalk/white board! So much fun in the summer.

Just recently found your blog, loving it!

CraftGirlAlli said...

How fun!!I think I might take our easel outside now and get the paint out!

Trina S. said...

we have the same chalkboard and I never thought of using paint! Thanks


Cindy said...

Just popping over from Heather's blog.
We have an easel in the basement and the girls love it...never thought to bring it outside! On the top of tomorrows list.:)
Enjoy the day

Now a follower.....:)

Tracy Rogers said...

What a great idea, to take the easel outside...! Aidan would love that! Your little one left such a sweet note ;)

Jess said...

so cute!! i love his excited face!!! i finally did the same thing...i moved our easel out to the garage all set up...so they can create any time!!!! happy summer!!!

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