Monday, June 7, 2010

dictionary love. :)

I want to share a few new things that have appeared in my shop in the past few days! I love vintage dictionary pages, and the cutouts from my shop have been so much fun to create and sell to lots of customers. :) I love that each batch I make are different from the previous grouping. I love the random words across each cutout, and I love all the things you can do with these as well.

Lately, I have been selling lots of cutouts for weddings. Scattered across the tables, added to place cards, favors, or gift tags... these cutouts make any event that much more detailed and special. :)

Here's the brand new styles available now...
vintage dictionary anchor cutouts
found here.

vintage dictionary flower cutouts
found here.

As always, contact me if you need more of these and I can set you up a custom order. :) I adore making these, and would love to make them for any special occasion you might have coming up!
Happy shopping!

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