Thursday, February 24, 2011

a change of plans.

The inspiration post will have to wait until next Thursday.
There was a slight change of plans as of yesterday evening.

Andrew got his first set of stitches!!
He was riding his bike in the neighborhood and crashed into a palm tree.
Sounds not-so-bad?
the sharp pointy palm tree leaves seriously sliced into Andrew's cheek!!
Enough that an urgent trip to the emergency room was in order!
So off we went...
Picnik collage
Yuck, yuck, yuck!!!
This had to hurt.
Poor little Andrew was so brave,
and sat for hours in the emergency room
waiting for someone to stitch him up.

2011-02-23 19.03.31
Eventually someone came to the rescue!

2011-02-23 19.04.25
Andrew thought he was going to be fully put to sleep for the procedure,
so he was shocked when he learned this was an awake sort of thing. :)
He did wonderfully though, so so brave!!!

And seven blue stitches later....
2011-02-23 19.19.03 is my little boy!!
His new nickname is "Stitch."
I've been using it, and he thinks it is quite funny.
He is in no pain, on some antibiotics to curb any infections,
and is in very happy spirits that he gets a few days off from school.
His only concern is looking in the mirror.
That is not jazzed about.
We will avoid all mirrors for a while... :)

We told Andrew to tell his friends that a werewolf attacked him.
The palm tree story is cute,
but the wound looks pretty animal-like to me.

So I hope everyone else is staying well and not enduring any ER trips.
We will be safely relaxing today, no crazy palm tree bike rides for us.
Happy Thursday!!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

sweet & happy.

z 808

I love when Andrew is quietly crafting.

So sweet and he is so darn happy with a few markers, a bit of paper, and stickers.
I love to snag up some of those dollar goodies at Michael's or JoAnn's to keep on hand for afternoons that we need a little craft time. Andrew loves to be surprised by these goodies, too! Perfect idea for rainy days when momma needs to clean the house as well! ;)

z 810
That face is just the sweetest, right?!
Andrew, be still my heart.
Love, love, love. :)

And here is another sweet little item to hit the shop...
z 747
I adore these brown paper cardstock heart cutouts! :)
SO many ways to use these...
you might need a pack or two in your crafting collection.
I know Mr. Andrew already snagged some from my office. :)

Happy crafting, and stay tuned tomorrow for my inspiration post!
{Did you make anything inspired by bicycles this week? I did!! Can't wait to share!}

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

personalize it. :)

z 782

Another sweet addition to the personalized collection in the shop! :)
These would be SO cute for a number of things...


anniversary parties

save the dates

envelope confetti

bridal showers

You can personalize it with one initial as well for baby showers or birthdays!
Anything you can think up would be so much fun! :)

Find them here.

Convo me for custom orders, I would love to help you out!

OK, back to work for me...
I've got a billion orders to catch up on!
Happy Tuesday!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

inspiration: bicycles.


I am a hugely visual person.
Photographs inspire me on a daily basis.
I would love to share my inspirations with you,
and then the following week I will share
what I created from these inspirations.

Want to play along?

I'll be linking up your creations through inspiration very soon.
It's simple.
Use my inspiration photographs that week in a creative way,
and we will all share what we made.
Fun, creative, and a bit of a challenge each week.
Let me know in the comments if you are thinking of playing along!

Last week, I blogged about the inspiration of rainbows.
Here's what I decided to make....
z 812
{bright rainbow umbrella cutouts!}

z 818
{bright rainbow butterfly cutouts!}


Up next for week number two's theme:
I adore the shape and colors of vintage bicycles.
The idea of using a bicycle as transportation
makes me happy and it seems so romantic.
I think they are gorgeous.
Is that just me?? :)

Enjoy my inspirations...
and create something from this.
...and what inspires you this week?







{motorbike print on rome street map found here}



happy thursday!

{all images found via weheartit}

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

fancy coconut cake!

z 804

Birthdays are alive and well around my house at this time of year.
This past weekend we threw a birthday party for my grandma,
and today is my sweet boyfriend's birthday!
{Happy birthday, babycakes!!!}

Which in turn means that there is
a lot of birthday cake around the house as well. :)
{Hey, I am not complaining!}

z 805

I am a huge fan of baking cakes from the box, thank you Mrs. Crocker. :) But for the party this past weekend, I wanted to jazz up the white cake and frosting deal and make it a little more special.

Fancy Coconut Cake

What You'll Need:
1 Box Better Crocker White Cake Mix
2 Cans White Frosting
1 Bag of fluffy Coconut

Bake the cake as directed on the box, with one exception. I have learned from my mom to substitute olive oil for vegetable oil. It makes the cake super moist and delish! After the cake is baked and cooled, frost it completely. This does not have to be an award winning frosting job, since you will be covering the entire thing with coconut.

After it is all covered in lots of frosting, take small handfuls of the coconut and gently press it all the way around the edges of the cake, being careful to cover the whole surface, sides and all. After it is covered, go around the edges and clean it up to make it all look pretty. Easy, right? And the cake looks much more impressive than the time it took to whip it up!

Happy cake eating to you all!
I am off to bake another one for the boyfriend! :)
{Did I mention I love birthdays?!}

Monday, February 14, 2011

happy hearts day! :)


Happy Valentine's Day!!
Hope you all have a day filled with love. :)
I feel so lucky to share this year with
my super darling little Andrew,
my amazing boyfriend John,
and I am so thankful to have a life filled with lots of love.
I wish that for you all as well!
extra xo's for you today!!

{image via weheartit}

Thursday, February 10, 2011

inspiration: rainbows.


I am a hugely visual person.
Photographs inspire me on a daily basis.
I would love to share my inspirations with you,
and then the following week I will share
what I created from these inspirations.

Up first for week number one?
The colors are spectacular, whether muted or bright.
Rainbows are everywhere, whether literal or not.

Enjoy my inspirations...
and what inspires you this week?




{tissue paper pom poms found here}

{photograph print found here}





I look forward to next week when I will share more
and ideas! :)

{unless otherwise stated, all images found via weheartit.}
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