Friday, October 31, 2008

happy halloween and happy birthday to my momma!!!

Happy Halloween!!!
I hope everyone has a safe and fun night trick-or-treating!!!
Go wish her a happy birthday, yay!!! :)

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

22 days!!!

from the Twilight movie!!!!

Who else is FLIPPING OUT excited like I am????!!!!

I am so glad to see some Twilight ads on TV now... it's about time! I was also at Quarantine and saw the preview- I was freaking out!!! PS. Quarantine is the freaking scariest movie.... SO good.

vote NO on prop 8!!!

I just have to make a quick post about California's Proposition 8 that we will be voting on this Tuesday!! I an an AVID supporter for gay rights and equality for all, no matter what!! This is America, a country that is known for it's freedom and free will, and to pass this proposition would undermine what America stands for. I am shocked to see groups of people, families, kids included, clustered on the street corners, picketing for voting YES on this!! My own son was asking what these people were out there doing while we drove by them a few days ago. I explained to him in an elementary way that some people don't believe in letting people marry who they want and who they love. They think that just because a man loves a man, that those two people shouldn't get married. Even my 4 year old is upset about this.. his only question was "Well when a man marries a man, who wears the wedding dress???" :) He went right home and started drawing 8's with big X's through them- he kept writing "NO 8"!!! I cannot tell you how proud I was of him... I even drove him by the groups of people again and we both yelled out the window "Go home!!" ... which I have to say, was SO darn exciting for both of us!! I want to teach him to stand up for what is right, and to stand up for all Americans, no matter their sexual preference.
If you live in California, I desperately hope that you are going out on Tuesday to vote, to make an informed and educated decision, not only on our new President, but on this VERY important proposition. I hope that California can get together and vote NO to hate, vote NO to discrimination, and
vote NO on Prop 8!!!!
And PS.
GO McCain!!!!!!!!
I have faith that these Republicans can pull through next week!!!!! :) If you are a McCain supporter, make SURE to go out and vote- this is a crucial election! I hate to think of America with Obama as our next president.....

Ive got all the partners assigned and will be emailing you all by tonite!!!! Keep an eye out for my email, and if you don't receive one by tomorrow, email me!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

swap partners will be assigned SOON!

I am working on assigning partners for the swap, so bear with me while I get everything straightened out!! I will be emailing you directly with your partner, so you will all receive them in the next few days. I was going to work on them today, but I am totally lagging! I am dead tired, so it might take me a few days until I've got everyone's swap partners assigned. Please bear with me! :) Email me if you have any questions about the swap, or if you can no longer participate for any reason!! I don't want anyone to get a flakey partner!!!!

***If you havent sent me your questionaire, you are NOT on the participant list for the swap!!!! If you didn't receive a confirmation email from me either, you need to email me again to be sure I have you down for the swap!! Can't wait to get started, yay!!!

PS ....... Halloween is in a few days!!!
Is everyone ready???! :)
I will be busily making costumes and preparing for our playgroup's Halloween party this week! Wish me luck, I will be swamped in the next few days!!! xo!

Friday, October 24, 2008

LAST CHANCE!!! .. and a fab friday fave!

OK, this is your last chance to sign up for my Snowflakes and Sparkles swap!!! I will be emailing partners out on Sunday (hopefully!) or Monday, so keep an eye out for your email. If you signed up but did not send me a filled out questionaire, I DO NOT have your name down for the swap. A comment is not enough to sign up- I need the email too!!! :) I am so excited with how many people have signed up and I really think it is going to be an amazing swap!!! Thanks to everyone participating, I so appreciate it!!!! xo!

On to my favorite thing of the week!!! For my birthday, my mom bought me new yoga pants and a cozy little thermal hoodie top from Victoria's Secret. Let me just say that this is the coziest, best outfit in the world!!!! The pants are long and perfect and I don't feel like taking them off haha!!! Check them out here! :)

Thursday, October 23, 2008

an unconventional autumn!

I came across this photo and was amazed at how beautiful it is! When I think about autumn, especially in the decorating sense, I envision lots of reds, oranges, and deep fall colors. Never would I have imagined that a funny green would look so darn amazing!! I had to share this fun fall picture with you all, in honor of ArtsyMama's Autumn Home Gathering Party! What a funky and fun way to decorate for fall!!! :)
PS. The last day to sign up for my Snowflakes and Sparkles holiday swap is Friday, so sign up!!! :) I will hopefully be emailing partners out on Sunday if I can get everything together and organized haha!! I can't wait to get started, so please join in if you haven't already! :)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

an NYC autumn..

My sister, Andrew, and I on the rainy streets of New York City's Upper West Side! :)
One year ago, I was strolling through the busy city streets of Manhattan, one of my all time favorite places in the world. It was such a wonderful treat to experience the city in autumn, the crisp air mingling with raindrops to make a gorgeous cloudy landscape to escape into. And escaping we were... well, to be exact, we were escaping the awful smoke of the southern California wildfires that ripped through San Diego last October. So the New York air seemed pure and clean, cold and refreshing, compared to the hot, smoky mess that we were leaving behind.

We had planned to go to Manhattan last year for my mom's 50th birthday, and more specifically, to see the Broadway rendition of "Grease" after watching the reality TV show where the Danny and Sandy characters were chosen by viewers. We loved that show, and my dad suggested a trip to New York, coinciding with my mom's birthday, to see it! It was amazing. Even Andrew, at the time only 3 years old, loved the show, and to this day can recall the enitre thing, songs and all! I admit it was a tiny bit difficult to deal with a 3 year old the entire time of our trip, but he still loves to chat about "going to Manhattan" and the "dino museum"! He is definitely my child... a New York lover already!!! ;)
So I thought that I would share a few gorgeous New York-in-autumn photos with you all... it is truly one of the most magical places to be, especially in the fall. :)
Amazing Central Park with a view of the city's magnificent buildings in the background..
I love bridges, and love the fact that Central Park is littered with them!!
A most perfect "pumpkin-y" porch.. on a gorgeous browstone in the city!!

I would go to New York in a heartbeat, at any given moment, and wish that I was able to live there. At this point in my life, it really isn't a feasable option, but I will keep on dreaming about it!!! :) xo!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

welcome max!!

Welcome to the newest addition to our family... our new kitten, Max!! :)
Andrew is seriously in love with him :)
He definitely has a wild streak, and has woken me up the past two nights by biting my toes, but he is the sweetest little thing!! He is sitting on my lap as I type this haha!!! :)
PS. If you haven't already, sign up for my swap!!! Friday the 24th is the last day to sign up for it and send in the questionaire, and then I will be assigning partners over the weekend!!! It will be LOTS of fun, so think about participating!! :) xo!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

a halloween & birthday soiree!!!

Double, double
toil and trouble
Fire burn,
and caldron bubble....
Step through the pumpkin field...
Up to the spooky front door....
Light the candles.....
Follow the twinkle lights.....
Make sure to wear your fanciest witch hat!.....
Watch out for spiders.....
Nibble on a spider web cupcake.....
And enjoy the Halloween party....

Vanessa from A Fanciful Twist is hosting this fabulously fun and festive Halloween soiree today! Make sure to pop in to her wonderfully beautiful blog!!

PS. Happy 26th birthday to me!!!!! I am going to try not to let my mind wander to the fact that I am now a year older, and instead enjoy my fabulous day!!!
I got a kitten!!!!!!
Pictures of little Max will be up in no time..... :)

happy "pink" birthday to me!

Today is my

26th birthday!!

I am out enjoying a delicious lunch at one of my favorite restaurants, Tartine! And then we are off to a lovely little open air shopping mall to while away the afternoon and have a yummy dinner and of course, dessert, at the Cheesecake Factory! xo!!

Happy Pink Saturday!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

friday faves!

It's Friday,
which means two things...
One, it's my birthday tomorrow!!!!!!! :)
And two,
it is time for a few of my favorite things of the week!!
Here we go...
This bat headband from Martha Stewart's collection at Michael's is SO CUTE. I bought it when it went on sale a while back and was going to wear it for fun around Halloween, but it has now inspired my Halloween costume- I'll be a cute bat!!! :) Now I've just got to make the costume....! (And Andrew's costume!)

Now I am a bit hesitant to put this book on my list of favorites at the moment, for a few reasons. First, I haven't finished it yet- I am currently listening to the book on tape, and I have a bit more to go. So I feel like I am cheating by writing my "review" of this book already. Secondly, I have had some definite mixed emotions about the entire thing, and still am- BUT it is a book that makes me think, and I definitely find Elizabeth Gilbert compelling, whether or not I agree with her way of going about life and what-not.... Anyways, let me get to my point. I was really, really hesitant to read this book at all because Oprah likes it. And that is NOT a good thing. Of all the "Oprah books" I've read, I have strongly hated them all. (Not that I don't like Oprah, but her taste in books is awful.) So I didn't know what was moving me to read this book, but maybe it is because I see it everywhere I go. Bookstore, Target, WalMart, etc, etc... the cover was haunting me and making me want to read it, Oprah or not! So I decided to not waste money on it, just in case I despised it, and I got the book on tape from the library. I have been listening to it the past couple of weeks, and I have to say, I love it. As of right now at least. My thoughts of the book, this author, this woman, her life... they have been mixed- I can't say that I like everything about it. But it is so interesting to go on this journey with her- a personal journey that is at times bizarre, at times narcissistic, and at times, completely fascinating. I do think Liz Gilbert is a pretty self-involved individual, yet I encourage you to pick up the book and see for yourself. She is totally real, and is on the way to finding true happiness for herself, which I think is a commendable accomplishment in anyone's life.
Has anyone else read it???
I am dying to know what you think of it! Anyways, maybe this won't be a favorite by the time I'm done, but I'll be sure to let you all know!!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

two days at the pumpkin patch!

Last week, we traveled right down the road to Bates Nut Farm to the pumpkin patch! Twice, actually. :) The first day, Andrew and I went with my mom, and it turned out to be the HOTTEST day- over 100 degrees eek!!!
That's why I am wearing the least amount of clothing possible haha... Andrew in his "spider" shirt that he got in his Halloween goodie box.. :)

Of course, Andrew befriends the "lonely" pumpkins! :)

A posed photo, but SO cute!
OK, it was SO sunny, and SO hot.... the sun was getting to us already here haha!
Andrew and mommy!! Can you believe it is October and THIS HOT here?? UGH.
All of the pumpkins we picked out that first day... it was SO fun! :)
So then I had a day planned with our friends from the playgroup, and it was actually a chilly day and turned out to be the perfect weather for spending the day at Bates. On the first time around, we grabbed our pumpkins and got outta there! But our second trip was so nice and we let the kids play, had a picnic lunch, rode a hayride, and had an awesome day!

The funny little bugs....
Andrew in the "jumpy"!!! OMG. He loved this!
Goofing around at lunchtime!!
Andrew and his super tiny little pumpkin of the day!
At the end of the day, Andrew had to rearrange all of the pumpkins in the truck.... and yes, most of those were left in there from the first trip haha. And come to think of it, all of those pumpkins are still sitting in the back of our truck. Ooops. :)

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

pumpkin inspiration!

I am currently in the process of planning a Halloween costume party and dinner for the kids and mommas in our playgroup. I am so excited to do something festive and throw a party, especially considering we all can dress up!!! :) So I've been combing through Flickr photos, searching for inspiration.... enjoy!!!
The cutest mantle ever!!! This is definitely my style this season- simple, yet fantastic!!
The most perfect porch, right?!

Pumpkins, pumpkins!!!
And PS. I've got a ton of pumpkin patch photos coming in my next blog- stay tuned!! We went twice last week and had the best time!!! :) xo!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

craft nite success and a little bit of halloween decor!

A few nights ago, we hosted a "craft night" at our house with some friends. I so badly wanted to make an "eye" sleeping mask ever since I saw these! So my sister, my friend Nikole and I decided to make them!! My sweet little child was more than happy to model my finished mask for you all... he even pretended to be sleeping.. shhh! ;)

OK, so the last one was getting a bit dramatic, but you can see what I made and I am totally in love with it!!!! I want to make some more- they were super easy and we had them done relatively quickly! :)

I also snapped some photos of the very minimal Halloween decorating I have accomplished! I started getting really goopy, decorating with all of my Halloween decorations, banners, orange flowers, etc..... I took it ALL down. It was bugging me so badly... I am in the state of mind lately in that I NEED simple, I need easy to clean, I need NOTHING extra around me, cluttering my mind up! So the end result was a few cute things to allude to the coming spooky holiday, and I am super happy with it. :)
A glittery Halloween crown atop my flowers... along with one of my favorite photos of Andrew and myself in New York City around this time last year. Thanks to my sister to taking the photo and framing it for me for Mother's Day, I LOVE it. :)

A little peek of my fabulous zebra couch.... it was an old, crappy, mustard colored couch that my mom and I found in an antique store back in New York for $99!! I LOVE it and it has the most amazing dark wood feet on it.

BOO! I received this in one of my Halloween swaps and I love it. A little black crow is saying "hello"! And another photo that my sister gave me... Andrew and I again! See a theme here??? :) I treasure these photos!!!

Anyways, I think that my super-cute craft turned out well, along with my minimalistic Halloween decorating so far!! Maybe I will "goop up" Andrew's room with the rest??? :)

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