Wednesday, June 23, 2010

super simple packaging.

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If you find yourself without the right wrapping paper for a certain occasion,
I have a super simple and adorable answer!
Tissue paper!
I love wrapping gifts with tissue paper.
I think it looks old-fashioned, yet chic.
Simply roll up your gift in a few sheets of tissue paper and secure the ends together.
{sort of like a piece of candy would be wrapped at both ends!}
Then doll it up with any funky ribbon you'd like.
I like using ribbon that matches the item inside the gift.
A sneak peak of what's to come for the recipient! :)
This is an inexpensive and quick way to wrap a cute present.
Happy packaging, xo!

Amazing recipe tomorrow.
Chocolate + coconut = love. :)


mysteryhistorymom said...

Cute, Holly!:) Lori

A Blissful Nest said...


Christina Dann said...

Tissue paper is my favorite way to wrap gifts. I found a pack of 100 sheets in various colors at Babies R Us for $2 the other day!

Preppy Mama said...

I love simple wrapping too. Ok, such a tease, you know I make all your recipes!! I can't wait!

Heather :: AFD Jewelry :: said...

Great idea!

Cindy said...

Love tissue paper for wrapping.
Cute little ribbon adds a great touch.
Enjoy the evening

Anonymous said...

perfection; can't believe I haven't thought of this before! I love the ribbon with the tissue paper!

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