Thursday, July 30, 2009

a place to think.

Yesterday was a day to sort through toys, books, craft projects, clothes, and whatever else was littered around Andrew's room. The start of kindergarten has to coincide with an organization on my part, otherwise I will drive myself crazy! The laundry must be done, everything in it's place, grocery shopping completed... I thrive when I have everything organized, so these last few days before school starts are the time to get everything done. And of course, that includes making a perfect space where Andrew can retreat to.. a clean and organized room, along with a little desk of his own where he can not only finish homework, but where he can create things as well. I had to peruse the internet to find some inspiration photos and wanted to share! :)
The first two photos are from the lovely Martha Stewart. I love the idea of a desk tucked beneath a top bunk bed. The ultimate space saver! And in the top picture, is that upholstered bench chair the absolute cutest?? Andrew has a cute desk from Ikea, but I am now on the hunt for a cute chair for him as well. He's not going to get much work done without somewhere to sit, right? :)

And this is the cutest and happiest desk area ever! I love the bright colors, love how organized it is, and I love how vertical space is used at a maximum! Now I am off with this creative inspiration to finish up on Andrew's desk area. I will be sure to post photos of the finished product!! :) Enjoy your Thursday in the sunshine, xo!

Monday, July 27, 2009

a few cute kiddo crafts.

Since I've only got a week left before Andrew starts full day kindergarten, I want to spend a lot of time at home, chatting and spending quality time together. We want to limit the errands, eliminate time spent in the car, and do as much as we can from the comfort of our air-conditioned home. :) So I was looking up some fun, fast, and easy crafts that we could do in the next few days, and I wanted to share some with all of you!

First of all, if you haven't yet experienced the fabulous Family Fun website, go now and peek! It has amazingly fun crafts, activities, and so much more. I wanted to find some un-messy crafts that we could do together at the kitchen table, and the following two were perfect! :)
Tweet Paper Birds!
Scrapbook paper
Colored paper clips
Glue stick
Hole punch or pushpins

1. For each, draw a bird figure on a piece of scrapbook paper (or download the template from the website). Cut out this figure, trace it, and cut out the matching shape.
2. Bend a colored paper clip or two into feet and tape them to the back side of one figure. Use a glue stick to join the two matching figures, sandwiching the paper clip legs between them.
3. Make an eye with a hole punch or pushpin and adjust the legs so that the bird can stand on its own.

Slithery Paper Snakes!
Card stock or scrapbook paper
Old Magazine
Ballpoint pen
Marker or gel pen

1. Place a large sheet of card stock or scrapbook paper (ours were 12 by 12 inches) face down on a magazine. Use a ballpoint pen to draw a curvy line on the paper, pressing firmly enough to score the paper. For a snake that coils over itself like the ones pictured, draw curves that wind close to one another.
2. Using your line as a guide, cut out the snake (ours are about one inch at their widest point).
3. Flip the snake over and pinch the scored line to add dimension to the body. Wrap the snake around itself for added effect. Add eyes with a marker or gel pen.

Andrew has made a whole family of snakes this morning, and it has been easy for him to draw, cut and create! Do you have any fun craft ideas that we can incorporate into our week?? Or any fun websites that show how to create some fun kid's crafts or activities?? Hope you all enjoyed your weekend, xo! :)

Saturday, July 25, 2009

time really flies.

How did five years fly by so quickly?
While Andrew spends the weekend in northern California with his dad and grandparents, I am here reflecting on how quickly he has grown, how quickly he is not a baby anymore, not even a toddler anymore... in a week, he will be starting kindergarten and my sentimental mommy side is rearing it's head in response. While I wholeheartedly love the age he is right now and love every minute I spend with him and talk with him, I do miss the baby stage sometimes.

This sweet little baby has grown into a smart, loving, proud, respectful, cute, polite, endearing child. I am lucky to be his mom. :) xo!

Monday, July 20, 2009

coughs and kleenex.

Oh, and lots of tea. Andrew and I are both sick with a bad cough and cold, so I have been and will continue to be MIA from the blog and etsy shop. Instead of being productive, I am watching movies, napping, and tea-drinking with the little one. Kindergarten starts in two weeks, so we've got to rest up while we can! Hope to see you back here soon, xo!
There will be a fabulous giveaway on my blog sometime this week.. keep a lookout! :)
(Cute teacup photo courtesy of right here.)

Friday, July 17, 2009

raising an issue.

I saw a great bumper sticker the other day about nationalized healthcare. It was comparing Obama's "great universal healthcare reform" to waiting in line at the DMV, which is essentially what his plan will be. Do you really want government rationing your care, your medical records added to the list of what the government knows about you, putting you on a waiting list for care you might need immediately, ultimately deciding who lives and who dies???!!! I usually am not one to stir up a huge controversy here on my blog, and usually like to keep things light-hearted, but this is a HUGE issue that we all need to learn more about. I was reading through some websites and found this great "top ten" reasons article about why nationalized healthcare is NOT A GOOD IDEA. Enlighten yourself!


Our own President Obama, will not be utilizing this "so-called beneficial" universal healthcare for himself and his own family, saying that instead, he would want to get the very best care for himself, his wife and his daughters. WHAT. A. HYPOCRITE. Read more about that here.

1. It is not the right of the government to provide health care. And in national health care systems, all citizens eventually become required to receive check-ups, medicine, and treatment. This can just make it easier for the government to control us through pills and shots full of mind-control sedatives.
2. Quality of care will plummet. With everyone eventually getting treatment, no one will get full attention and people will get pushed to the side.
3. Waiting time will sky-rocket. It is reported that in Canada it takes twice as long to get surgery than it does in America. If someone walks in with a bullet in their leg, they may have to wait several hours for treatment. This long waiting period will cause unnecessary deaths.
4. Canada can only afford National Health Care because of a, “trade surplus,” with America. This makes it impossible for the US to have National Health Care at all.
5. National Health Care eliminates the right of doctor-patient confidentiality.
6. America could only truly afford a National Health Care system through increased taxation. ” “The only way the government can give one American one dollar is to confiscate it first, under intimidation, threats, and coercion, from another American. In other words, for government to do good, it must first do evil. If a private person were to do the things that government does, he would be condemned as a common thief. The only difference is legality, and legality alone is no talisman for moral people. This reasoning explains why socialism is evil. It uses bad means (coercion) to achieve what are seen as good ends (helping people).” This quote also portrays how even more corrupt our government will be with a universal plan.
7. Everyone in the US can already receives trematode through free-clinics, emergency card-care, and community hospitals.
8. National Health care would just add to the amount of money government agencies are wasting to put America in debt.
9. National Health care would destroy hundreds or thousands of jobs because they would eventually eliminate private practices.
10. These are not theories. They are not guesses. All of these reasons are taken from and can be seen in other countries. Universal Health Care does not work.

Still not convinced? Want to read another view on the subject? My mom and I are blogging about the same thing today, go take a peek! :) AND we are headed down to the senators' offices to show support AGAINST this issue this morning. We all need to stand up for what we believe in, and this is a BIG ISSUE! Look up ways to lend a hand about it in your town too, or simply write a letter to your senator. Believe me, if enough people show dissent, we will be working together to show these politicians that America is OUR country and we want what is best for ourselves, along with our children and their futures!!! xo!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

prices, prices.

I'm going to vent for a bit. I went to the mall a few days ago to do Andrew's school shopping while he was golfing with my dad... my mom and I thought we could handle it much better without a five year old constantly asking us when we could leave! :) I was under the impression that nearing the end of summer, I could pick up some great deals on t-shirts and shorts for Andrew to wear in a few weeks when he starts kindergarten. By no means is my child one who cares what he looks like, but as a mom, I would like him to look nice and un-rumpled for his first day of school! :)

But at the mall, in every store we entered, the clothing for a five year old boy was SO EXPENSIVE!!! Even on sale, t-shirts were over $15 and the regular priced ones at Gap were $22!!!! FOR ONE TINY TSHIRT. That my son will grow out of within a few MONTHS. Store after store, we were running into the same problem. I don't know about anyone else, but I am just NOT going to spend that on a growing child's clothing, no matter how cute!

So do you know where we decided to go??? Wal-Mart!!! And we found incredible deals and I was able to get Andrew an entire new wardrobe for under $60! :) Yay, I feel much more frugal and much better in light of the current economy to be saving money but not sacrificing Andrew's cuteness!!!
Anyone else have similar problems?? Where do you find cute clothes for your kiddos?! Off to take Andrew to camp for the morning, xo!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

shop update!

A few new things were added to the shop!! I am loving the yellow bird paper on this card SO much.. it looks so darn cute with the black ribbon and flower! :)
New owl tags are listed!
And these super-cute vintage inspired tags are in the DOLLAR SALE section, yay!! :)
It is so hot here in San Diego this week, so we are suffering through with air conditioning, sprinklers, and lots of popsicles!! xo!

Monday, July 13, 2009

sweet girly finds!

It's a good thing I don't have a daughter, because I would spend way too much money on Etsy. (Even more than I do now haha!) But if you do have some girlie shopping to accomplish, here are some of my current favorites... jeweled princess tutu

amelia baby/toddler shoes

gwen multi-colored headband

Ah, ok. I got my girly fix and now it's back to dirt, monster trucks and my silly little boy. :) He's starting another week of camp today and he is super excited! And I am looking forward to spending the mornings strolling and relaxing in the sunny weather after a strenous Sunday of cleaning, grocery shopping, and de-spidering my house!!! What is WITH the sheer number of spiders that are crawling around my bedroom????!!! Eeeeek. Go away, bugs! xo!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

happiness is...

...being able to play outside on a warm summer day! When you are five years old, is there anything better than tossing on your bright green dinosaur boots, some dirty old gardening gloves, and your "crocodile hunter outfit" (like Andrew refers to this ensemble as...!)???
Climbing trees,
getting dirty,
pretending to hunt wild animals....
this is what summer is all about.
Childhood flourishes on days like this and it makes a momma very happy. :) Hope you are all enjoying a happy summer weekend as well, xo!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

dollar sale!

These cute pink bird tags have now flown into the "dollar sale" section of Mommy Holly!!! :)
And these sweet little baby face tags have as well, along with LOTS of other tag sets!
I am making room for my Christmas in July sale that will begin next week!!! I am super excited about it, and am trying to get my merchandise down to a minimum before I begin listing LOTS of new things!!! Exciting things in store for the shop, yay! Now go buy, buy, buy, hehe! xo!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

the months ahead...

The next few months for me are full of things I am so looking forward to...
This July... the new Happy Potter movie! Have I waited long enough for this one??! I may have to re-read the books again in honor of the movie hehe!
August... Andrew starts kindergarten! Yes, it is the all day program. The whole district is and there is nothing I can do about it. BUT, after seeing how much he loved camp this past week, I am so encouraged that he will do wonderfully in school. He's even signed up for anther week long museum camp for next week, yay!

September... I will be going back to school for my LAST semester at San Diego State!!!! Can it be that after all these years I'll be DONE?! :) I will have my Art History bachelor's degree and I'll just be waiting for a spot to open up in nursing school. Yay!

October... the next book in the Mysterious Benedict Society series is out, yay!! The first two are super!! I saw the books at the kid's section at Barnes and Noble, but the covers were so cute I had to check them out at the library! Sort of Harry Potter-ish... they are highly recommended by yours truly! :)

And November!!!!!!!!!!! Wooooooo!!!! Twilight!!!!! Can you tell this is the one I am soooo darn excited for?! And if you need a Twilight fix, pop over to Polka Dot Moon- she is hosting a Twilight swap, yay!!!

We had a great time in Palm Springs and photos will be up soon! xo!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Friday, July 3, 2009

goodbye san diego....

....and hello PALM SPRINGS! (yes, again!).... I'll be lounging by the pool by this afternoon, watching Andrew splash in the water!!! I can't wait... I hope everyone enjoys their Fourth of July weekend!
Have a safe holiday and I'll be back to the blog next week! xo!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

the weekend is coming..

I would love to make this gorgeous flag cake, but realistically I won't! :) Because we will be in Palm Springs once again over the Fourth of July weekend... ready to relax, lay in the hot sun, and splash in the pool! Maybe I'll try the berry cake when I get home... a good flag cake can be made at any time of year, right?! ;)

I have been so bad about blogging these past few days... Andrew has been in camp all week, so my mornings have been spent chauffeuring him back and forth downtown. And I am also in the middle of car shopping! I, like a lot of moms, have been totally taken over by the loveliness of the minivan!!! I test drove one yesterday and love, love, love the convenience of it. Easy to roll open the doors, plenty of room for Andrew and all of the things that come with him each day... so let's just say I have been caught up in a week of busy, busy, busy!!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend coming up and that you all are enjoying summer! xo!
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