Monday, September 24, 2012

a successful show!

2012-09-22 08.26.54
The Queen Bee Market was a success!!
This past Saturday, my talented sister and I put together a combined booth that turned out to be SO cute and so much fun!!  Both of our products meshed well together and the overall look of the booth was perfect.  Bright, happy and fun!!! :)
2012-09-22 08.27.03
2012-09-22 08.27.16
I had a display of new cards, tags, and cutouts!  My sister made amazing crowns, tiaras, headbands and wands! :)
2012-09-22 08.27.23
2012-09-22 08.27.31
2012-09-22 08.27.37
2012-09-22 08.27.50
All of my new items will be listed in the shop shortly.  If you see anything you'd like, contact me and I would be happy to arrange a custom order for you in my shop. :)
2012-09-22 08.27.58
2012-09-22 08.28.07  
Like I said, I will be busy listing NEW items today and probably tomorrow as well, since there is a LOT to photograph and get posted.  Keep your eye on the shop for new additions- I am so proud of the items that I sold and am able to offer my customers now! 
Thanks, Queen Bee!
And thanks, Mallory, for being a fab sister & booth partner!!! :)

Friday, September 21, 2012

tomorrow's the day!

Tomorrow is the Queen Bee Market!!!
I am sooo excited!!!  I will be there selling all of my paper goods with my sister, who will be selling her amazing kid's crowns, tiaras, headbands and wandsYAY!
This is what my dining room table looks like at the moment.....
It is a pricing extravaganza!!!!  I am trying to get everything organized for the morning when we have to set up SUPER early before the show.
I truly hope that I am able to see some of you there! 
Here are the specifics again...
Are you local to Southern California?!
Then stop by and see me at the Queen Bee Market!
Saturday, September 22nd
from 9am to 3pm!
Center for the Arts
340 N. Escondido
Escondido, California
I can't wait!!!
OK, off to prep everything and make sure I am staying organized!
Happy Friday to you all!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

{wedding wednesday} a simple craft!

I got married this past March, and I keep wanting to share all the little details of the wedding here on my blog.  John and I got married at the most perfect red barn, down near San Diego, and it was the most breathtking backdrop for what I wanted my wedding day to look like. 
So today, I am working my way from the outside in, and I'm going to show you the front doors to the barn, where all the guests came in to be seated.  We also decorated the back doors, which were actually closed during the ceremony and that was the backdrop to where we got married.
 {front doors}
{back doors & altar area}
{The wreaths in action behind us during our ceremony!  Love!}
I wanted to keep the doors simple, but add a special handmade touch.  I found this amazing wreath craft and knew I had hit the perfect decoration for the doors.  We had ongoing craft nights to make everything for my wedding {thank you to all the fab ladies who helped me!!!} so this was one of the crafts we accomplished.  Instead of a letter opener, we used a pencil to push the tissue paper into the styrofoam.  We also used Alene's craft glue instead of a glue gun, but either would work fine. :)
This is an amazingly simple craft that you can do for any season.  Use different colors of tissue paper to make a Halloween wreath {I think I will be doing a black glittery one for my front door next month!}, use Christmas or autumn colors, make a bright orange one for summer... the possibilities are seriously endless.  It is easy and effective and your front door will be so happy.
So glad to share this special handmade detail of my wedding day with you!  Stick with me as ech Wednesday I post something wedding-related :)  I am thrilled to finally be sharing all of this hard work with all of you.
I also want to give a huge THANKS to our amazing photographer, Leylla, who runs Imagery with Impact.  She took these fantastic photos and I will be forever grateful.  If you live anywhere near San Diego, call her immediately.  You won't regret it. :)
Happy Wednesday!!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

on disarray.

My house is in a bit of a disarray at the moment.
Let's be honest.
With the Queen Bee Market in only 4 days,
the corner of my office/bedroom looks like a tornado of paper has exploded.
In a good way.  Cute stuff has been made!!
{Or a bad way if you need to get into the left side of the closet.}
Seriously, I am not sure how people do markets and craft show like this all the time.  I would drive myself nuts.  My house is not a complete diaster, but the floors need to be swept, carpets vacuumed, the bathrooms could use a cleaning.  You know the drill.  It's just bugging me.  But I feel like I want to devote the time to my products, to ensure a successful show this Saturday.  Plus, I have been having weird dreams about forgetting essential items the day of the show and me not being prepared.  I won't let that happen. :)
So the floors might have to wait a couple more days and
I'll put the windex back in the cupboard until Sunday. :)
I'm a real person, I have a child and a husband, and my house is not perfect.
There, I said it.
OK, now back to cutting paper......
{but...who is going to take out the trash, though??}

Monday, September 17, 2012

baby bump! {24 weeks}

2012-09-15 09.30.02  
 Baby boy is now 24 weeks as of today!!
{photo was taken over the weekend!}
By the way..
Time to get serious here....
Does anyone have any cute boy names??
We are SO stuck with names, it is ridiculous.
Any ideas would be fantastic. :)
I watched my first born son play his first baseball game this weekend and I couldn't be prouder.  He is amazing and did so well {even in the so-cal heat!} and I am so lucky that soon I will have two darling boys. :)  Loving life, let me tell you.
Hope you all had an equally wonderful weekend!

Friday, September 14, 2012

photo friday! :)

I have been stockpiling photos over the past two weeks and then I happened to stumble on the CUTEST new blog.  Photo Friday is the theme for today, and you can share the last things you took photos of.  Here is my past week or two in photos- and it's feeling great to catch up here!! :)
2012-09-05 07.28.02
Andrew started third grade last week.  AH!  How did he become so grown up looking??!!  Where is my little boy??  He is loving his class, his school, everything about the new year so far.  That makes a momma very pleased. :)
336179_10100481856442867_722847779_o 325405_10100481856088577_850234749_o
He also started baseball!!  This is his first baseball team and he is so excited to play fall ball this year.  Here's to hoping he loves it, because I actually like watching baseball.  {As opposed to another certain sport that has started recently! ::cough::football::cough::}  So far so good, and he is so thrilled to play his first game on Sunday!!! :) :)
2012-09-10 16.08.38
My shop is undergoing some exciting changes!!!  New packaging for the Queen Bee Market next week!  Do you like???  Everything will now have these fab brown paper labels on them, and I should be phasing them into the shop orders after the market as well.  Plus there are some new items that will be hitting the shop as well- these cute polka dot trees are TOO cute.  Seriously, I am in love with them! :)  They will be available in the shop soon, but contact me through Etsy if you can't live without them and I'll see what I can do! ;)
2012-09-12 15.45.30
Another new item that will debut at the market next Saturday.  These fantastic new brown paper greeting cards!!!  This is one of my favorite songs and I love mason jars.  I just had to combine the two and voila!  Serious cuteness, in my opinion.  Hopefully some of you will agree! :)  These cards, along with some other mason jar card designs, will be in the shop after the market.
Speaking of the Queen Bee Market,
are you local to Southern California?!
Then stop by and see me at the event on
Saturday, September 22nd
from 9am to 3pm!
Here is a great info blog to get you set on where you will be going for this event. 
Hope to see some of you there!! :)
Pop over to see more photos here!
Hope you all enjoy a fantastic weekend!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

inspiration: diy projects.

I am a hugely visual person.
Photographs inspire me on a daily basis.
I would love to share my inspirations with you.
Want to play along?
Ever Thursday, I share my inspirations.
Share what inspires you.
I would love to see! :)

Today I am also linking up to Gussy Sews and her Inspiration Workshop!  It is the last one she will be hosting, so I am glad to get in on the action this week!! :)

In the past few weeks and months, I have been inspired by:
{How I love anything do-it-yourself!}
I am always on the lookout for interesting things that I can incorporate into my own house for relatively cheap.  These few DIY projects are seriously drool-worthy.  I'd love to make ANY of these!!!!  Onto the photos....
This a-mazing coffee table would be so simple to make.  And it makes such a statement!!!
This is seriously SO SO SOO cute.  I want to make these for some special gals on my Christmas lists!  How cute are these bracelets made with simple things from the hardware store?  And they look so cute when you pair them with some other glitzy jewels, too.  Find the how-to here.
Space is a huge issue in my tiny little home.  Wouldn't this be a great solution to wall storage?  Plus it's so darn cute.  These shelves would also be great for kids books in their rooms as well! 
This hanging wire basket pendant lamp is to die for as well!  How cute would this be above a more edgy kitchen table?!  Ah!  Find the instructions here.
Hope you all pop over to Gussy Sews today to see more DIY projects, and thanks for reading today!
Happy Thursday, xo!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

we will always remember.

September 11th, 2001
That is a day that we will never forget.
Those of us that experienced that tragic day will always remember exactly what we we were doing when we found out that the world was a much scarier place than we had imagined.  That people could be so evil and that so many innocent lives could be lost in one day.  That there are heroes among us in our everyday lives.  That we as Americans should never let this happen again.
I was 18 years old and had just moved into the dorms at San Diego State University.  I was down having breakfast with my roommate when we saw the unthinkable on the TV screen.  All of our classes were cancelled and we were all glued to the television that morning, watching things unfold.  It was so scary and to this day, that day still scares me. 
We should never, ever forget that day.
Here's to all that was lost that tragic day, eleven years ago.

Monday, September 10, 2012

get your supplies! :)

I've got some new and fun items in the shop!
I am now selling rubber stamps and various supplies for your crafting needs! :)  I know that SO many of my customers are extremely creative, so why not grab some goodies from the shop to supply that crafting need?!
 Happy Halloween rubber stamp!
{I've got quite a few Halloween stamps as well!}
Go ahead and do a little crafty shopping here!  And don't forget to mark your calendars for the Queen Bee Market on September 22nd!  Check out my previous posts for more info :)

Saturday, September 8, 2012

two weeks from today...

...I will be selling my goodies at the Queen Bee Market!!
I am going to be debuting some fantastic new items!!!  I hope that if you live anywhere near the San Diego area, you can make a day of it and come visit the market!  It really will be a wonderful day, and there are going to be so many fantastic vendors!!! 
Will you be there?? 
Saturday, September 22nd
Open from 9am to 3pm
Center for the Arts
340 N. Escondido
Escondido, California
Pop over to say hello if you are!! :)

Friday, September 7, 2012

a baby on it's way...!

It's a BOY!!!!
Yes, that's right! My husband and I are expecting our first child together, and Andrew is going to be a BIG brother!!! We all are SO thrilled! I have been so absent from my blog, and had to sign on today to finally share the news.
I am about 22 and a half weeks along and this healthy baby boy is doing perfectly so far!  I have to say, I was a little disapointed at first to be denied the tutu's, bows and dresses... BUT, the thought of having two darling BOYS is perfect in my eyes now.  It's how it is supposed to be.  Maybe I am destined to be the only girl in the house ;)
I have started a Pinterest board for ideas for the boys room.. yes, that's right!  My two boys will be sharing a room when the little one can sleep through the night well.  So that means some fun decorating for momma!!!!  See the beginnings of my board here. :)
I will be back soon with more blogs, I promise this time! 
Happy Friday, xo!
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