Sunday, August 31, 2008


More Halloween cards in the shop,
as well as some other super cute things...
go ahead, go sneak a peek!! :)

awards and the best headband EVER.

I have lots of catching up to do on the little blog today, as well as around the house!! My etsy shop is getting new items later today, which I will post about when I get the photos taken! Lots of fun Halloween cards and tags, along with some other cute little goodies!! Make sure to check back later today :)

As most of you know, I went shopping with my mom and sister the other night and it was such a fun treat! I needed some new things for school, and I needed new jeans badly. We found some amazing deals and I am so happy with everything I got, especially this super-cute and PERFECT feathered headband from Forever 21!!!!

And the best part???? It was only $4.80!!! WOW! I wore it all day yesterday and got lots of compliments and lots of stares... "Why is that girl wearing feathers on her head?????" :) Well, I love it and I want to make some more along the same lines.

My little Andrew spent all day yesterday with his dad, and they had a sleepover together last night, which allowed me to while away the weekend!! I went to the San Diego Scrapbooking Expo downtown yesterday morning and picked up some super fun goodies to be incorporated into etsy cards and tags! Then I went downtown with my sister and some friends. I hardly ever go out down there anymore, so when I get a chance, it is always fun! We went to the Padres game and then to a funny little bar downtown to catch up with some old friends which was great!!

Moving on.... I received two awards this week and I am so excited to share them with you!

The lovely Denise from Polka Dot Moon awarded me with the "I love your blog!" award which I was so excited about because I LOVE her blog too!! She is such a sweet blog-friend to me and I am so glad I have had the opportunity to get to know her recently... and she has an adorable etsy shop which I LOVE. :) Thanks Denise!!!

And secondly, my fab mom gave my the "Kreativ Blogger" award!!! Thanks, mom- coming from a super-creative girl like you, I feel oh-so-honored!!!! For this award, I have to list six of my favorite things and then nominate some more creative bloggers as well.

Six of my fave things.......
1. Gossip Girl! 2. Feathers! 3. Big fluffy flowers! 4. Sunglasses! 5. Andrew's drawings and coloring:) 6. A super pair of ripped up jeans! (of which I found on my recent shopping trip lol!!!)

I am going to nominate the same few people for both of these awards since creativeness is oozing from all of my super-fun favorite blog friends!!!! Have fun, girls!! :)

Kate from the busy bee
... a new friend who is so creative and has such a cute blog that I love to visit as often as I can!! :) And such a cute etsy shop, too!!

Tracy from Pink Purl
... such a sweet girl who lives in Norway... and boy, can she SEW! What gorgeous things she creates and she inspires me to dust off my sewing machine!! :)

Rachel from Cherry Tree Lane
... one of my favorite blogs and she has SUCH a cute Etsy shop!!! Not to mention, the most adorable little girl ever. :)

Well enjoy the awards girls, your blogs always bring a smile to face!!! :) Now it is off to Michael's to get crafty, enjoy the rest of your Sunday everyone xo!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

anthropologie and cadavers.

I have a fun afternoon planned for tomorrow to go fall clothes shopping with my mom and sister. And of course, we are planning to stop by our all-time favorite store, Anthropologie. It is an exquisite place for both clothing and things for your home. Every time I walk into one of the stores, I feel so inspired! Clothing that looks like it is hand sewn and one of a kind, cute little dishes and aprons, candles, bedding, pajamas, the list goes on and on!
Anthropologie is one of those places where you instantly feel gratified. Just to walk around the shop is happiness in itself...
Ideas abound from every nook and cranny in the store, and I leave there with a wealth of inspiration! Can't wait to see what the "fall" look is tomorrow!! :)
I am off to watch Project Runway and then I've already got a pile of reading to finish for my human dissection class. YES, human dissection. :) It is an optional class and I was too curious to pass it up... what aspiring nurse wouldn't want to dissect cadavers in her spare time?! I am in the middle of reading Stiff, a book that discusses the use of cadavers and how helpful they can be in modern day science. It is a really funny book, in a sick, twisted way... but it's got me laughing out loud to a lot of it! If you have a strong stomach, I would definitely recommend it.
Hope everyone is enjoying a wonderful week! :)

Sunday, August 24, 2008

pass me the windex.

Cleaning is commencing
Everything is in disarray. I told myself at the beginning of summer that I needed a sense of organization before I start school again for the semester.... well, school starts this Tuesday. Where did my summer go? I had a huge list of things I wanted to get accomplished over the summer and very few are crossed off. And I believe the last item on my list was to make no messes. Whoa, I forgot about that one! (Ooops... as I look around at all of my messes currently going on around me.....)

Well, I am determined to at least get my bathroom and bedroom organized and deep-cleaned by Tuesday. Before and after pictures will be up as soon as I can get done, let's just hope that is sooner rather than later!!

Oh yes, and the blog needs a bit of work, too. My life has been overtaken by vampire books, but since I am finally done with all four of the Twilight novels, life can get back to normal. Darn. :)

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

project runway <3 !

Is anyone else watching Project Runway this season?? I watched the first two seasons and then for some reason, skipped the past couple. So this time, I am tuning IN! And I am so glad I did. There are some super-talented people on the show, including my favorite Kenley! She is the cutest thing, and she makes the most amazing clothes.
Here is the garment that helped her win the NYC challenge a few weeks ago.... LOVE it.
And she is just so darn CUTE. Has anyone else noticed her super cute headbands all the time??? Ah, love her! I hope she hangs in there and WINS this season, she so deserves it already!! :)
AND PS. Andrew's cast is OFF! But his muscles are super sore and stiff, so he hasn't walked at all on it. Good thing we've got the wheelchair, and I've been holding him lots haha! The doctor said he should take his time and we should let him walk when he is ready. But at least the cast is done and he is on his way to getting back to normal. AND, he can SWIM! :)

Monday, August 18, 2008

i will NOT revisit brideshead.

I think the title of my blog today says it all.
My mom and I went to see "Brideshead Revisited" yesterday and we were excited to see another pretty British film, which we usually love. Unfortunately, this movie completely BLOWS. It was a creepy house, full of creepy people, and an utterly unimportant story to go along with it. I hated it. the "hour and forty minutes" movie seemed like it was four hours long. I couldn't wait to get out of there and go do something happy with my day. Ugh.
My advice to you??? Skip this awful movie and go see the PANTS! :)
The story of these four super-cute girls will make you smile,
not want to shoot yourself in the foot like Brideshead.

And by the way, Andrew gets his cast off TODAY!!! We've got an appointment to get it off this afternoon and we told Andrew he could wear his swim shorts to the hospital and when we get home he can jump straight in the POOL! Then tonite is the premiere of "The Hills" on MTV which I am super excited about... we are getting a group of girls together to watch it at my friend Amanda's house, can't WAIT! Hope everyone enjoyed a wonderful weekend:) xo!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

delish recipe!!

Before I get to the yummy recipe I came across, I should let everyone know that Andrew gets his cast off on MONDAY!!! We are soooo excited, although I will miss the wheelchair at times... it comes in very convenient to hang my purse and shopping bags on hehe! BUT I am glad that these past six weeks have flown by with the help of generous goodie boxes full of coloring books, crafts, activities, and LOTS of books and movies from the library! :) We made it, and Andrew's leg will hopefully be just perfect! Thanks for all your well wishes, I so appreciate it!!

Also, I am onto the third book in the Twilight series... I am LOVING these books, they are incredible. I read about 300 pages just yesterday, it is hard to put it down! I am waiting for the fourth on to come in the mail, so I am trying to take my time with the third one, Eclipse. Crazy, crazy, I am sooo addicted. :) I just thought I should explain why I am barely making it onto my computer the past week!! Anyways, onto the recipe haha....

The other night I decided to try one of the recipes I've stockpiled from VegCooking. I am definitely not super adept in the kitchen, so I do need recipes that are relatively easy and fool-proof... not to mention, something Andrew will eat as well! This definitely fits the bill... it is sooooo super yummy! I left out the green chilies because it makes it really spicy, and Andrew is wayyyy to dramatic to get through a super-spicy meal with a smile on his face... so for his sake, no green chilies. I would have kept them in if it was just me eating the casserole, but it does turn out well either way. If you are a vegetarian, this is a perfect alternative to many "meaty" Mexican dishes.. and soooo darn yummy. The recipe is actually vegan, but if you eat cheese, you can substitute the soy cheese for just regular grated cheese. :) Hope you get a chance to make it, it is so DELISH!

Enchilada Bake
"This recipe is a PETA favorite.

It is easy to make and extremely flavorful

—a guaranteed crowd-pleaser!"

12 oz. vegetarian burger crumbles (I used Smart Ground, but you can use the Morningstar brand also!)

1 packet taco seasoning

2 15.5-oz. cans enchilada sauce

18 corn tortillas

2 15.5-oz. cans pinto beans, drained

2 green onions, chopped

2 cups vegan cheddar cheese, shredded (or regular shredded cheese if you are not vegan!)

1 4.5-oz. can diced green chilies

2 cups Fritos corn chips, finely crushed

• Preheat the oven to 375°F. • In a small bowl, combine the burger crumbles and taco seasoning and set aside.• Spray a 9-inch by 13-inch pan with oil.• In layers, spread a generous amount of enchilada sauce, 6 corn tortillas, 2 cans of pinto beans, a handful of green onion, a third of the shredded “cheese,” half the can of green chilies, lots more enchilada sauce, 6 more tortillas, all the seasoned burger crumbles, another third of the “cheese,” the remaining green chilies, more enchilada sauce, then the final 6 tortillas, more enchilada sauce, and the rest of the “cheese.” Cover in foil and bake for 30 minutes.• Remove the foil, top the entire casserole with the Fritos, and bake for another 15 to 30 minutes or until bubbly and browned.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

pink saturday!!

Happy Pink Saturday!
Sorry for my forgetful post, but I am running out the door to take Andrew to a Hullabaloo concert.... hectic morning, I know!!! Anyways, I forgot to do my pink post last night like a usually do, so this will have to suffice!!!! Enjoy the day, ladies!!!! xoxox!

Friday, August 8, 2008

O-M-G, twilight!!!!!!

I have been very absent from my blog in the past few days, and for that, I apologize! BUT, I have a good reason behind it.... TWILIGHT!!!! This book is seriously amazing, and anyone who has never read this or the 4-book series, go buy them today!!! I finished the first one, Twilight, in two days and am now a couple chapters into the second one, New Moon. I had seen these books at Barnes and Noble over and over in the "teen/young adult" section and debated whether or not to read them.... a story about a girl who falls in love with a vampire??? Yes, I am obsessed with books like Harry Potter and was attracted to the multiple-book series, but I didn't know if they could compare. Ummmmm, move over, Harry! I may have a new favorite!!! (OK, wait. Maybe I don't mean that, Harry. But you and Twilight are definitely equal. hehe!) Anyways, I happened to pop over to my friend Tonya's blog before I posted this, and she literally took the words out of my mouth!!! Tonya, you are right, this book is probably the most romantic book EVER. And while it does sound like a stupid premise with the vampires and all, believe me, YOU WILL LOVE IT. It is sooooooo soooooo soooooo amazing. Go read it. And make sure you surrender yourself to a few days of not being able to do ANYTHING else. :)

And on another note, my mom is hosting a super-fun "Very Vintage Halloween Swap"!!! You can sign up until August 25th and then you will be paired with a partner to swap a fun box of Halloween goodies!!! Halloween might be my favorite holiday, so I am super excited to participate in this. Go sign up, it will be so much fun!!! :)

Sunday, August 3, 2008


I want to say THANK YOU to everyone who entered my giveaway. It meant a lot to me to receive all your super sweet comments on my 100th post, and I truly appreciate each and every one of you!!!! Wish you could ALL win. :) So I had my handy little helper draw some names this morning, and he was having quite the time with it!!! Onto the winners......

The lovely Beverly from How Sweet the Sound was the first name drawn, woo! You are one awesome woman, Bev, and so glad you won!! :)

Miss Judy W.!!!! Andrew was quite happy about this- Judy always has flowers painted on her nails and Andrew loves her for this. :) He had to make a special hole punch in your paper, Judy haha!!!!

I know I was only going to do TWO giveaways, but we were having so much fun pulling names, that I let Andrew pick three more to send some special tags to that I have been working on the past few days! It is a small surprise, but fun!!! :)

Woo! The awesome mama at BrainMosaic!!!! :) Congrats, girl!

Another winner..... the wonderful Britt!!!! :)

And one last winner, my super blog-gal-pal, Rachel from Cherry Tree Lane!!

Congratulations to ALL the winners... Email me your address and I will send off your goodies tomorrow.. !! (Judy- I have yours!!)

I loved doing this giveaway and will have to do it more often from now on:) Thanks to ALL of you that entered!! xo!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

etsy pinks!

First off, Happy Pink Saturday to you all!!!

I am going to be drawing the winners to my two giveaways tonite, so you have all day today to post your comments and get your chance in to win one of two goodie bags full of my cards and tags!! Please leave a comment on my previous blog, my 100th post, in order to be eligible to win! I am only drawing names from that group of comments!

I have been Etsy-obsessed lately, so I decided to post my Pink Saturday "Etsy Finds"!! I am so into this amazing website, and love all the creativity that pours out from all of these fantastic sellers. So onto the "pink" Etsy finds.... enjoy!! :)
The most adorable pink mum earrings from espelal00.. so darn cute!!!
I am amazed by emmajanedesigns and her GORGEOUS pillows. They are seriously works of art. You have to go peek! :)

Being a huge fan of all things Marie Antoinette, I loveeeee this print from BluLima!

And the most perfect headbands made by louandlee ... they are made for little girls and babies, but I am thinking of ordering the clips and wearing them. Too juvenile for me??? NO! I need these in my hair!!!! :)

Hope you enjoyed my fabulously PINK etsy finds!! And Beverly, thank you for hosting yet another week of pink-ness!
I am going to visit you all today if it kills me.. I have been a sad excuse for a pink Saturday participant, so I need to make it up to you all haha!! Await my arrival on your blogs today, yay! :)
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