Monday, January 31, 2011

happy monday & a winner! :)


Happy Monday!

Around my house, Monday morning brings a lot of stress to my life. After the weekend and a very happy Andrew, it is back to setting an alarm, getting up to get dressed and ready for the day, feeding breakfast to a very grumpy 6 year old, and selling the idea of school to him as well. It is a constant battle to get out the door on time and get Andrew to school, of which he is not a huge fan of lately.

But... then when I come home to a quiet house, Mondays seem so peaceful to me. A cup or two of coffee greets me warmly and starts my morning off right. Then the idea that I have until 2:30 in the afternoon to calmly wrap up orders from the shop, work on new items, clean up... that makes me actually like Mondays. And then of course, when school is out, Andrew has a brand new and bright attitude and is so happy to be headed home with me.

How are your Mondays?!
Please tell me I'm not the only one that fights to get going each week! :)

And for one lucky person,
this Monday is off to a fun start as well.
The winner of the Mommy Holly giveaway from last week is....
Email me your address and I'll pop your bird notecards in the mail to you asap!

A very happy Monday to you all!

image via weheart it and altered by me.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

happy birthday, sissy.


"Happy girls are the prettiest girls."

Audrey Hepburn

Happy birthday
to my

I love you lots and lots.

Monday, January 24, 2011

so close.


I have almost hit 1500 sales in my shop!!

Who will receive the special free goodies?!
This time around, it is a super fab little package of paper products!
You seriously don't want to miss it. :)

two sales to go.

a little monday giveaway! :)

z 638
I am so excited to share a new line of products that I have been working on for my shop! I am going to be offering many different customized hang tags for weddings, parties, gift tags, or even for use on your own products if you run a shop as well. These can be customized however you'd like and you can order as many as you might need!

I adore this darling heart tag, and think these would be absolutely perfect to use at Valentine's Day for your own personal gifts, or used at a wedding on your favors. They add a little extra touch of handmade that is so personal and sweet. Convo me through Etsy for custom orders and I would be happy to help you out! :)

And in honor of these new fun and fabulous tags, I am going to be sending one lucky reader a pack of flat notecards with a sweet birdie hand stamped on them, complete with one of my new heart tags! :)
z 630
Want to win?
Just leave a comment on this post
and I'll announce the winner on Friday.
Easy, peasy! :)
Happy Monday, friends!!

Friday, January 21, 2011



My child slept all.night.long.
without waking up and coughing!!!!!
This is a very happy day for this momma. :)

Oh yeah.

And I have a date tonight with my fab boyfriend
who I haven't seen since Sunday.

Like I said....
Happy, happy, happy.

I hope you all enjoy the very happiest of Fridays as well!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

so, what did you think?


Where are my American Idol peeps at??! :)
What did you think of the premiere last night?

Here's my take...

I love American Idol, therefore I will watch no matter who is judging.
{I *think*. Unless it was someone like Glenn Close, who I totally despise. I know that would never happen in a million years, but just had to throw it out there.}

I am not in total love with this stage of the competition, but I do love when the good singers are weeded out from the freaky people, so I will patiently endure the tryouts for a few weeks.

Steven Tyler's small eyes really scare me, but he does seem nice and he entertained me with his snazzy voice.

Randy. Dawg. Enough said.

I love J. Lo's hair. And whatever kind of lip gloss she is wearing. She is so darn pretty. I adore all her movies, so I am hopping on the J.Lo bandwagon as of now.

And what did you all think?!

Remember that there is a sweet little sale going on in my shop for those of you who have the secret code. Use the code "SWEET10" to receive 10% off until Sunday.
Happy day, friends!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

all stocked up! :)

The new year has been busy, busy around here!
Andrew went back to school for a week,
we had lots of playdates, events, and birthday parties to go to,
and now he has caught a yucky pneumonia-like cold
and is home being pumped with antibiotics.
Poor little thing.
So work is being fit in sporatically
around playing nurse to a sweet little boy. :)
But here are the things that have finally been added to the shop....
I am SO excited about all of this! :)

happy heart confetti in sassy valentine colors!

Picnik collage
all you need is love heart shaped tags
sweet XO tags

z 571
the bird & flower confetti has a newly debuted color... aqua!!

z 560
kiss me, kiss me! add these cuties to your valentine gifts! :)

Picnik collage
lots of amazing greeting cards, take a peek! :)

MORE will be added in the next few days!
As always, contact me if you are looking for something specific,
as I adore custom orders & creating something special for my customers!

And because I am feeling super sweet and happy today,
having just finished two delicious cups of hot coffee,
enjoy 10% off in my shop!
Use the coupon code "SWEET10" at checkout.
{I am loving etsy coupon codes, yay!}
Discount will be active until Sunday night, so shop away!

Friday, January 7, 2011

the first of many... items to pop up in the shop!
Lots of Valentine's items are coming as well,
and I couldn't be more excited!! :)
Align Centerz 530
sweet cupid cutouts found here!

Now I am off to enjoy Andrew's last few days of holiday break! Back to the grind of getting up early and heading to school on Monday... Three weeks fly by, don't they?
Happy Friday, friends!!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


{image from one of my favorite etsy shops... erinjaneshop!}

In an attempt to keep me on track this year, I am tossing some of my New Year's resolutions out into blog-world!! Hopefully that will keep me accountable. :)

Work out. Eat right. The usual... everything that goes along with that. :)

Expand my Etsy shop! Lots of new items will be popping up over there very soon. Such plans, my friends!!! Don't worry, I'll keep you all very informed. :)

Blog. More and more.

Create. Take the time to make gifts, try new projects, re-design around the house. Use my imagination.

Cultivate friendships. Really take time out to spend with friends.

Read more books. I've got a million on my to-read-list, but haven't cracked a cover in quite some time!

Stay organized. I am going into 2011 with a fairly clean slate and am hoping to keep myself on track.

Save money. Don't spend on silly stuff. Enough said. :)

Cook more. Bake more. Try to get some delish recipes under my belt. And of course, share them with you. :)

And above all...
Spend some
serious time with those I love.
This year is going to be
simply beautiful, I can feel it. :)

Monday, January 3, 2011

buh-bye, 2010.

Goodbye to 2010,
and hello to a brand new year!
Here is my past year in photos...


Picture 045

Picture 042

z 9571


Picnik collage


Picture 176

z 149


z 335

z 451

new 288

new 360


new 090

z 401



z 019

z 042

z 004







07-19-2010 07;30;59PM

Picnik collage






{an abnormally warm} September...

z 048

z 206

z 204


z 142

Picnik collage

z 352

z 389






I am welcoming in 2011 with a very happy heart.
I am wishing each and every one of you a coming year that is beautiful, good, rewarding, fulfilling, blessed, and above all, happy. :)

OH! And PS.
One of my many new years resolutions is to get back into the daily swing of blogging. I promise you'll be seeing more of me around here. :)
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