Saturday, April 25, 2009

the yummiest.

Want a delish new candle to make your house smell amazing???

You've got to stop in at Pier One! The Aspen Flower scent.... It is simply amazing. Seriously- I am obsessed with it. It is cheap, yummy, and it's aroma really fills up a room! Here's the description from their website about it:

"You'll imagine yourself sitting on a grassy hill, snow-capped mountains in the distance. Our soft ivory-tinted Aspen Flower Candles offer a heady scent blend of tuberose, neroli, jasmine, heliotrope, violet, cyclamen, ylang, lily, carnation and vanilla with hints of peach and coconut."

Uhhhhh, yum. Go take a whiff.
And have a fabulous weekend, xo!
And no, I am not getting any kick-backs from Pier One for this, although I should. I am just that obsessed with this candle hehe.


Anonymous said...

That sounds SOOOO yummy. I want to go check it out!

Taina said...

This sounds delightful! I am off to buy one!

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