Thursday, April 2, 2009

i got sucked in to another show!

The Ghost Whisperer.
It totally sucked me in.
After watching a rerun of it one boring Friday night, I was forced to request the first season from the library so I could start catching up with it. And I LOVE it. Not like it, LOVE it. I love the characters, love the ghosts, love her "gift" and I LOVE Jennifer Love Hewitt's clothes and hair, ah! My sister, mom and I have all obsessively watched every episode of the first season and are now anxiously awaiting the second season from the library. Darn those people in line in front of me!!! Return those DVDs so I can get my ghost fix hehe!!! We lovingly refer to Jennifer Love Hewitt as "J. Love" here in our house... we absolutely love her. And her hot paramedic husband on the show. AND did you know in real life she is dating Jamie Kennedy who is on the current episodes??!! Ah, so cute! OK, enough of my creepy and obsessive rambling haha!! Anyone else hooked on this show??!! I need some fellow ghost-whisperers to chat about this with!
And did anyone see the episode where her hair gets caught in the garbage disposal in the sink???!! OMG as a long hair girl, that freaked the crap out of me, whew.
Still have a sore throat, still drinking tea. :) xo!


Polka Dot Moon said...

I hope you feel better soon. Nothing like tea and honey!!

Maybe the library has episodes of last season you could check out?

Heather said...

i can honestly say i don't watch that show, lol. i watch so many shows though i don't think i have room to add that one! however i did just add the show Better Off Ted. have you seen this one yet, LOL. that show is so horrible that it cracks me up! not horrible as in bad acting or anything, just horrible because the company that the show is revolved around has no morals no boundaries, it's pretty crazy. my husband thinks i'm crazy because i crack up at the whole thing constantly! hope you start feeling better!

Princess Of Pink said...

YES!! That is one show I try not to forget watching. LOVE it. I guess we are behind you in the USA??. Her hubby died and is now in another man's body. She is still in love with him ofcourse and he is trying to find out "who he is"

Any updates?? lol.

Hugs from Marian

~3 Sides of Crazy~ said...

I hope you feel better soon. I love that show! Welcome to the club and just make sure you have a pony tail in the kitchen (LOL) freaks me out too, I'm always getting my long hair caught somewhere!

~3 Sides of Crazy~ said...

P.S. I'd really love to have Jennifer's wardrobe from the show!

Jessica said...

I LOVE the Ghost whisperer...I'm going to catch up on all the old episodes-great idea!
Kinda creepy huh?

Kari said...

I have never watched Ghost Whisperer, but, have always thought it looked pretty good. I'm already involved-obsesses with too many tv shows, LOL. But, I may have to check this one out anyway.

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