Wednesday, April 15, 2009

tax day tea party!

Is anyone else heading out tonight to join the masses of people that are going to speak out against this massive government spending??? In a blog on Intellectual Takeout, "Many are turning out to rally and to voice their outrage at the current state of the Union. No doubt there is much to be displeased about: overreaching government, excessive spending, excessive debt, bailouts to banks and businesses on the taxpayers’ dime, etc." Today's Tax Day Tea Party is the perfect opportunity to do something about this. Read more about it on the Tea Party website. I think it is said best here:

"Much of the damage is already done. The U.S. government is now in the hole over $11 trillion dollars. Over the last year or so, the government has committed over $10.5 trillion in bailouts. Additionally, there is the $52 trillion in the unfunded liabilities we call Social Security and Medicare. Let’s not even get into the current shape of many public and private pension funds, state budgets, or local budgets. Our annual gross domestic product (GDP) is only $14 trillion folks. We are sinking.

Where does this leave us? Go to a tea party. Meet others who are similarly alarmed by the direction of our states and country, put petty partisanship aside, and voice your outrage. The leadership of the country has been avoiding and continues to avoid confronting some very serious problems. The time to deal with these issues is now."

This is not about right versus left wing, it is about speaking out against the government, who is spending our money without a care. We will be at our local tea party tonite... anyone else planning on attending one of these as well?? Happy Tax Day, xo!


Heather said...

Nathan and a friend of his went to a Tea Party in our town earlier this afternoon. I couldn't go because Ella and I had to pick up Nathan's mom at the airport. He said it was a good crowd considering it's been pouring down cold rain all day!

Cottage Rose said...

Hey Holly; I could not have said it any better.. I a all for a Tea Party.


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