Wednesday, April 22, 2009

happy earth day!

I hope you all are enjoying your Earth Day today! I think it is important to do little things to be eco-friendly.. carry reusable bags to the store, use up and reuse your craft supplies in fun ways, etc. I always give the scraps of my papers to Andrew to use for his own crafting- he loves it and feels like they are "new"! Better than throwing them away :) We also save fun bottles and wash them to give to Andrew when he is taking a bath in the evening... he is able to pay with them for a few nights and then we can recycle them. They get a little extra life and Andrew feels like he gets a new "toy" every few days :) Little things make up the big picture. No one should feel like they need to break their backs to save the Earth... do what you can and these small steps make a big difference when we add up all of our efforts.
This is a great website for Earth Day crafts, tips, and things for your kids... Take a peek! And... what do you do for Earth Day??
is having an
Earth Day sale...
in the shop
if you are a blog reader-
in the message to seller area, just write "Happy Earth Day!" and I will refund you 25% before shipping! :) xo!


Wendy Miracle said...

What a lovely Earth Day blog! I'm absolutely going to recycle and be as green as I can be... forget global warming, what we really don't want is the Earth to go backwards into prehistoric dinosaur days.

Polka Dot Moon said...

We're all about Mother Earth!!

We walk to/from school - even in the 100 degree temps like yesterday.

Always bring my recycled totes for shopping.

Okay, and today I'm unplugged and by that I mean TV, so no American Idol! Who's gonna go?? Which 2?

Happy Earth Day!!

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