Thursday, April 9, 2009

crisp & clean, white & green swap!

Hi friends, another swap on the way!! Over coffee this morning, my mom and I were chatting about decorating for spring... so, of course, this carried over into starting yet another swap! After winter, I think we are ready for crisp & clean decor, and what better colors to inspire us than white & green!!

My mom at Foxgloves, Fabric, and Folly and I are co-hosting this swap, and we really want to make it a fun, pretty swap without spending an arm and a leg on this... I think in this economy it is more than important to put together beautiful packages without spending a lot. This swap should be creative, cute, wrapped beautifully, but should be done with a budget in mind- let's send sweet little things... cute green paper plates to make a spring snack a bit brighter... a cute green candle that smells like spring... a darling pair of green earrings to make your outfit oh-so-cute... a yummy recipe written on a super-cute green recipe card... whatever you can think of for your partner that is green and white!! :) Get to know your partner so you are able to pick out some beautiful things according to her taste.

To sign up for the swap, please email your filled out questionnaire to Holly at or to Heidi at ... we will be sure to email you back a confirmation that we have your name down for the swap. We will keep signups open until April 17th, and then we will email partners out that weekend.

Email Address:
Blog Address:
Willing to ship internationally?:
Decorating style (modern, shabby chic, vintage, funky, etc!!):
Favorite candle scent:
Favorites stores (for clothing, home decor, etc!!):
Any accent color to add to green and white?:
Hobbies, interests, anything else you want to share with your partner:

After we send out partners, you will have until May 6th to send your box. Feel free to grab our button and share it on your blog. We are looking forward to hearing from lots of you!! :)
xo!- Holly & Heidi


Amy said...

You are such a busy lady!

I think I might have to enter this one too- I'll email you if I do.

I LOVE your music you have on here, LOVE it! Good choices!

Chatelaine said...

This sounds like fun. I love green.

I'm off to email you.

Wendy Miracle said...

You're a koo-koo!

Princess Of Pink said...

I have emailed last week but have not received a confirmation yet??
Maybe due to the Easter weekend :)
I will try again anyways.


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