Tuesday, April 21, 2009

my karate kid.

Yesterday was the first class that Andrew was able to wear his karate uniform to! He was SO excited and I am so proud of him. After only three classes, he has already improved so much.. listening so well, getting more vocal when the teacher asks him to count LOUD, and learning the word of the month they are focusing on: respect. As a mom, it is so exciting to watch your child excel at something he absolutely loves and has so much fun with, along with learning so many things he can apply in karate, as well as life. His teacher is amazing- he respects the kids just as much as they respect him. (AND he is coaching Jacob Black on the set of New Moon! You know that is a big deal with me- Twilight crazy!!!!)
Here is Andrew during class- I had to snag a quick photo! :) Yesterday they were learning what to do and say if someone came up to them and wanted to fight. They learned to step back, put your hands up in front of your face and yell, "I don't have time!" How cool is that?! :)

I am excited to watch Andrew as he progresses through karate and learns even more! Most of you know I chose not to put Andrew in preschool this year, and so I am loving this instruction he is getting from someone aside from me. He is learning to focus,be strong, stand up for yourself, and he is having so much fun in the process. :)

More items up in the shop!
(Happy anniversary card,
father's day card,
glittery thank you card,
and of course, much more on the way!)

Have a wonderful Tuesday- American Idol tonite woooo!! xo!


Anonymous said...

That is SO great! Love it!!
And I love love love the new header!!!

Polka Dot Moon said...

How cute is he!!! We (Jackson) did karate right as I got pregnant with Jilly and was SO SICK, put on bedrest, and a bunch of other stuff, so we (Jackson) only did it for a short time, but loved it.
I will sign him up again, maybe this summer. Something to do when its 120 degrees outside!

forgetfulone said...

He is so cute! We used to do karate as a family. My bones are too brittle now.

Anonymous said...

Karate is so awesome. Caroline loves loves loves it. I am so glad she decided on karate instead of dance. It is so her and I really like that manners, respect, and peace over power are being taught. Andrew is a cutie pie. Also, love your new banner. I have always enjoyed seeing what banners you have displayed, but this I believe is a keeper. XO

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