Wednesday, April 1, 2009

tea. lots of tea.

Lots of tea and honey to make this yucky sore throat go away! Yes, I have been hit with a bad cold. Yesterday I could barely make it out of bed.. thank goodness Andrew was with his dad, or I would have been a poor excuse for a momma!!! :) So I am off to take it easy and rest and get rid of this sore throat. Tea, here I come once again! xo!


Anonymous said...

FEEL BETTER SOON! Do you have some DVD's lined up?

Sara said...

Oh yuck! I think I am getting one too. Drowning myself in airborne though.. hopefully it will go away. Hope you feel better soon

Tonya said...

Hope you feel better soon! Hot tea always makes me feel better, at least for a little while : )

nameisgrace said...

I hope you feel better...nothing like a warm cup of tea:)

Cottage Rose said...

Hey Holly; I hope you will feel better soon. It seems like every one is getting sick.. I love to have a good cup of tea with honey when i am feeling bad.... Get some rest..


Anonymous said...

Somehow I discovered your blog tonight and I couldn't believe my eyes when I read you live in San Diego!!! My most favorite city in the US!!! I wish I could live there too :(
I went to school there for 4 yrs - many years ago, lived in PB - and try to go back once a year.
We will be there next August and I can't wait!
Hope you are feeling better by now.
I will visit you again soon,


onlymehere said...

Holly, I just started a public sewing blog and would love it if you stopped by when you're bored. It's at

I don't know if you remember me but my other blog went private some time ago and I missed hearing from people so I opened one just for my sewing! Cindy

Anonymous said...

not mad at all!!! I did'nt want people to think the wrong thing that's all!!! He was awesome this week!!

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