Saturday, April 11, 2009

egg hunt! :) .. and a question for you!

In preparation of the holiday tomorrow, our town hosted a free kid's Easter egg hunt, which turned out to be super fun. We headed out to the park this morning- drizzle, wind, and all! - and Andrew was able to participate in the egg hunt with about a million other local kids. They divided it up by age, so it ended up being so much fun for Andrew to run around and hunt for a few eggs while we got to watch :) My camera was low on batteries, so this was the only decent photo I got! Tomorrow for Easter, we are laying low, dying Easter eggs, decorating cookies, and possibly seeing "Monsters vs. Aliens" which Andrew has been begging to see for weeks now. :) I hope you all enjoy a happy Easter as well! I've got a lot of Easter basket prep ahead of me today while Andrew spends the day with his dad!!
And now a question I need to ask all of you creative girls out there- here is a photo of Andrew's room so far. I have fixed it up so cute on one side and am loving the banners hanging from the ceiling, the red chair, all his little trinkets everywhere.... I think the photo above is just too cute.
What am I supposed to do behind his bed????

Here is the other side of the room... sad, right?! It looks lopsided! Does anyone have a cute, cheap and easy fix for that boring, plain wall??? I need to hang something, I am just not sure what yet. I thought I would toss it out there for some ideas from all of you... :)
And PS.
do you love how Andrew makes his bed??? I let him make it every morning, and although it isn't as pristine as I would make it, I think it is important that he feels accomplished in doing a chore by himself. The pillows get tossed in a heap with lots of stuffed animals, but it's his way of doing things hehe!!
OK, ideas please!!!


Pamela said...

Hi sweetie!

So what theme? Are the banners and such just a U.S.A flag sort of thing or is there a theme I dont see?

I have a bunch of ideas.

OH and I was hoping you got your basket let me know.


ReFabulous said...

I LOVE how you've decorated Andrew's room! The colors, the arrangement and especially the banner are all so nicely done. For above the bed, what about a memory-type board, done in his room's colors, that he can add to... his artwork, momentos, special photos? My kids have these in their rooms, and love adding to them and changing them whenever the mood strikes.

ReFabulous said...

Aaand, happy Easter to you and your family! :)

----- Jennifer ----- said...

your blog is feel good

Alice said...

I've been liking the look of vinyl on walls. There are some cool designs out there.

Rosina said...

How about some of those great vinyl wall decals that they are making now. I've been eyeing up some really fun ones on Etsy for my daughters room. We're making it over this year with new gyprock walls and I'm going to do a nature theme for her with big trees, birds, and wild flowers :) The great thing is they're not permanent and you can take them off when he outgrows them or needs a change :)

Elise said...

Okay, love, love, love Andrew's room!! I think above his bed...a frame with chicken wire with fabric and batting behind, he can clip on photos, drawings, etc. Um, if you could make a huge picture of a sailboat with scrapbook paper and frame it. Jen, Lipstick and Laundry, made a flag{Betsy Ross style-I think} for her boy's room out of yard sticks, very cool. You could use foam core boards and cover them with scrapbook paper squares to make a collage above Andrew's bed. Oh, you know those book holder PBKids carries?? You could stagger one or two up there, where he can reach them. I might have more ideas once I mull them over!!
Can't wait to see what you do!!

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