Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Summer To-Do List!

I have two more evenings in my anatomy class and then it is summer time! One test, one final... I have so enjoyed this class, since it is the first one I have taken that seems obviously pertinent to nursing! BUT, I am in desperate need of a break and this summer I have lots of things I want to accomplish. I am a list-maker, but most of my lists get forgotten about before I can get anything done. So I am putting my summer to-do list out in the "blog-world" so that I can be kept accountable for everything! Here we go with my summer list...
  • Spend lots of time with little Andrew... he hates when I go to school so he is quite happy that I am almost done for the summer. :)
  • Exercise and get my slammin' bod! I think it is about time!
  • Eat as healthy as possible... yes, I like sweets so I won't ever be perfect, but I can try my hardest to keep crap to a minimum.
  • Blog each day!! I love posting what I am up to and love reading everyone else's blogs as well, so much fun!
  • Spend lots of time outside! Summer is a time to relax by the pool, take evening walks with Andrew, and go to the beach!
  • Make curtains for bedroom and bathroom! I've had the velvet for my bedroom panels for almost two years... think it's time to do something about that??? :)
  • Enjoy the perks of living in San Diego.. lots of beautiful beaches, museums, downtown, new restaurants, etc!
  • Make all sorts of adorable things for my Etsy store- and actually sell some things!! ;)
  • Save money! (Don't spend money on useless crap, I have too much of that!)
  • Streamline closet- donate clothes that I haven't worn in ages. Some things may be cute, but do I ever wear most of what is hanging in my closet??
  • Read books! Some new ones have been sitting on my bookshelf for ages, I think it is time to read some of them.. and maybe I'll re-read the last Harry Potter again? :)

  • Organize desk area, once and for all! It is a mess with no organization..... big problem haha. I want it to look like the one above from Martha Stewart!
  • Revamp Andrew's bedroom. It needs to be spruced up for summer! He will love that haha!
  • Update scrapbooks... I am way behind on all of mine, especially the scrapbook I started for Andrew. I think I stopped it when he was about two months old... and we just celebrated his fourth birthday. :)
  • Get a new car... minivan???? :) I am still carless right now!
  • Finish the many quilts I have hanging in the sewing room closet. I have to sew binding on about four of them and then they are all done, what am I waiting for?!
  • Sew some cute clothes! I have so much fabric that I specifically bought for summer dresses, so I better get to it..!
  • Make pillows for my zebra couch.. it is so cute, but looks a bit lonely with no comfy pillows adorning it!
  • Keep up on cleaning... no messes this summer haha! :)

Alright, that is all I can think of at the moment.. now it is off to finish up these last two tests and then this list can become a reality! :)


{this is glamorous} said...

I'm a list-maker too, so I love your list--it's so full of fun things. Exercise is on mine as well, although I'm really not fond of gyms . . . as for scrapbooks, I've come to terms with the empty pages . . .

April said...

Phew....its gonna be a long summer....

have a happy day

Cherry Menlove said...

Wow, what a list!
It sounds like you have a wonderful time planned.

Amy Bell said...

wow...lots of things on your list...i need to make one! when you get one of those dresses sewn, you have to post about it, sister!

happy thursday

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