Sunday, May 25, 2008

chairs and summer reading!

I was mindlessly going through blogs this evening and happily came across joie de vivre, a blog by painter Kimberly Applegate. She posts her paintings all the time and they are all of different chairs! I was enthralled, I love chairs! :) Here are a select few of my favorites, but go check out her blog... it is amazing!

"animal instinct" ... i love zebra, of course!

"end of summer blues" ... gorgeous flowers, too!

"room with a view" - love this yellow!

"summer reading list" ... which reminds me of my own summer reading list!! :)

I have been so busy with reading books for school the past few months that I haven't had a chance to read anything fun! I am die hard "chick-lit" fan, Becky Bloomwood from the "Shop-a-holic" series being one of my favorite literary heroines! ;) So I took a trip to Barnes and Noble yesterday with my mom and we had so much fun picking out some new books to indulge in by the pool this summer! My first book will be "Always the Bridesmaid" which is the first in a series of three different books... so exciting! Has anyone read this one?? I had actually never heard of it, so I am itching to start it and see if it is any good!

Anyone else have any recommendations for good girly summer reads??? With the exception of Harry Potter, that is usually all I read- but any good book advice is welcome!! I am ready to read a ton this summer...! :) Bring on the lounges and sunny days laying by the pool.......


littlebyRD said...

Love the yellow chair - so pretty! I will have to think about book recommendations and get back to you. Sounds like a fun day at the book store!

Lavender hearts said...

I LOVE 'The Island' by Victoria Hislop it's very much a beach read, I'm off to Crete next week so I may just pop over to Spinalonga (where the book is set) and take a look for myself.

Tonya said...

oh, I love the yellow chair!

Right now I am reading The Constant Princess by Phillipa Gregory. The Other Bolyn Girl was really good too. This is historical fiction/non fiction. Very interesting, and the drama going on is historical fact!

Mama Z said...

The chair painting are different and unique! As far as fun reads or "chick lit" as my husband calls it, I love all of Jennifer Weiner books.

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