Wednesday, May 7, 2008


I often do a Google image search for random things... cute kitchens, birds, fabrics, cozy beds, art, etc, etc, etc. I love finding new images and saving them for when I might need some sort of inspiration! So a lot of the images that I find to blog about are "google-image-searched"! And in addition to neat photos, I also use this search to find new websites, blogs, or online shops to visit. Today was no exception... I typed in "cute chairs" to Google image and up pops up this seriously eco-fabulous chair!!!!!! I am a sucker for any kind of weird chair, so this recycled grocery cart chair really peaked my interest! So I traveled over to the website it came from and found this. What a neat website, turning broken carts and bathtubs into funky furniture. Go pop in and see for yourself! :) So cool, right?!!?


Allikaye's Mama said...

Hey, new blog friend!! I love that you came by my site! I loved looking through your're fun!
I'll come back (I'm linkin you too)! P.S. cool chair and site - thanks for sharing!

MeliaDesignUK said...

Absolutely brilliant! What a clever idea. I'm not sure I ever would have realised it was a shopping trolley unless I was told!

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