Friday, May 23, 2008

pictures, finally!

I finally got things together and uploaded my pictures from last week. Andrew at his birthday party at the park, looking so super cute. :) Below is right after he blew out his candles, with his two funny little friends. They were all three very into the frosting roses, waiting for me to cut the cake haha! (Notice the store-bought cake... that was the flu's fault. I was going to make an awesome dinosaur cake, but the flu sucked the life out of me and I bought a cute cake at the bakery down the hill. Andrew didn't know the difference though!)

Opening presents on his birthday...

The soccer net was a gift from us and my aunt bought Andrew the soccer ball and complete soccer "uniform"... shorts, shirt, socks, and even little shin guards! Andrew was intent on dressing the part when we played soccer in the backyard the other day. Good look, right?? :)
Andrew took a break from soccer to explore in the bushes... :)

Just thought I would finally post some of these photos! Off to sleep now.. I love snuggling in my cozy bed when I can listen to the rain, yay! Goodnight!


amy said...

ahhhdorable! love the little dude with the glasses and hair too!

enithhernandez said...

your son is beautiful!!! Happy Bday to Andrew! :)

btw thanks for stopping by, I hope your 'patacones' came out great, they are our favorite side dish ;)

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