Friday, May 2, 2008

new york homesickness.

I lived in rural upstate New York for two years. Andrew spent the first two years of his life living in the country, "tractor" being one of his first words. And now that I live back in San Diego again, a place where I have spent most of my childhood and adult life, I still get seriously "home"-sick for a place that I only was a part of for a very short time.

I am writing this blog from my desktop computer that has all of my old pictures saved on it. So whenever I am feeling nostalgic, I will open these files and memories will come flooding back. How is it that a place so small and a time so brief can stay with me like this? And the memories of my time there are much clearer than most of my other memories, just like I could step back into them and be right back in sweet little crazy town.. Newark Valley, New York... with it's one stop light and all!
Our house in New York was so beautiful.. whenever I think of going "home," I think of this house for some reason. Weird, right?

Snow! I remember the first early morning it snowed and my entire family ran outside when it was still dark to experience it.. :)

My sister and I were trying to make out way to New York City this day when we had to stop at the end of our driveway to scrap MORE snow off the car. What a cute picture, I think I look much more becoming in the white snow and that awesome little snowflake hat!

Hickories Park with it's adorable blue swings overlooking the river..

Andrew used to love waddling around this park when he was little..

Just missing New York a bit.. and thought I would share some of those pictures, a sampling of my favorite memories from my short time as a girl who lived in the country. :) Hope you enjoyed them! And to any of my New York friends who might be reading this, MISS YOU and those goofy little times!!

sometimes life's so bittersweet..


Heidi Ann said...

Hi Holly, I feel EXACTLY the same way!....Am missing it more & more all the time! LOve, Mom

Amy Bell said...

Hi...wanted to meet you! I have been reading your blog tonite and loving we both have 4 yr old boys...isn't it fun?
:) Amy

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