Monday, May 19, 2008

gin in my apron pocket..!!

Alright, so I have lost almost 20 pounds over the past few months (thanks in part to the flu diet! yuck!) and need something to spur me on to keep going. Now that I am almost done with school for the summer, I need to get myself together!!! That is where "Gin in My Apron Pocket" comes in... if you have not already checked out Lotta at her blog, Mom-o-Matic, go read it!!!! She cracks me up and is seriously hilarious. She started this "group" to be able to keep up with yourself, your diet, etc.. while keeping yourself sane... women used to "sneak" gin in their apron pockets to keep themselves sane, and I've got my goofy little blog!!! :) Anyways, such a funny little idea and I love it. And how cute is her graphic??? I'll keep everyone posted with my progress, yay!!!! And now go read Mom-o-Matic!

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