Friday, May 2, 2008

my week in pictures!

I have been so blog-delinquent. I keep taking pictures and have been meaning to post them, but I am lazy. School has been kicking my butt lately, but with one of my last anatomy tests behind me, (yay!) I am taking this weekend to seriously relax. Oh yes, and post a bunch of pictures from my week! (Just the fun stuff of the week of course, not me stressing over the circulatory system and lymph nodes for my test!!!)

Andrew and I went to Sea World last Monday with the playgroup that I organize. We had such a good time, and the moms and kids in the group are so awesome. I think I could go to Sea World every other day.. we always have so much fun there. Andrew loves "sea animals," so it is a good thing we have passes and can go anytime.
Andrew picking up starfish, how cute!! We also got so splashed by one of the whales in the Shamu show, which was the highlight of Andrew's day. :)

OK, more photos... My mom and I took Andrew over to this sweet little farm by our house that has animals and a cute shop. I snapped a few pictures of the funny little animals..

Is it me, or is this duck smiling for the camera?????!!

It was actually chilly that day, so the pigs were all snuggled up together! How cute!

Andrew was so excited to see the baby sheep, which are the cutest little things. Here is a great picture I captured of the baby nursing from the momma sheep!!! I want to take him home! :)

And then Andrew and I... me looking creepy with my hood and sunglasses on.. it was SO cold, I couldn't help it! :) Andrew was more interested in the feathers he found than smiling for the camera.

And then last night Andrew found a snail, which was quite the exciting event at our house.

He spoke to the snail like he was his friend, referring to him as "honey"!

Get a load of the interesting outfit Andrew is donning....

.....boxer briefs, giraffe boots, and a smile!

So there you are, almost updated pictures!! :) My sister and I did participate in the Walk for Animals this morning, raising money for the San Diego Humane Society. I've got pictures that I am, again, too lazy to go upload. Maybe later today if I get a burst of energy!

Tomorrow Andrew will be spending the day with his dad, so I might try to fit in seeing two movies. I need to sit in a movie theatre and relax all day! :)

Until the next blog... have a great weekend everyone!

Ooooooh and PS. I was doing very well avoiding Diet Coke for three whole days. I was going crazy, so this big momma Diet Coke made me quite elated. :)



Julie said...

Love Sea World... wish we had passes! Let me encourage you. I have been off the black acid (aka Diet Pepsi) for almost three months. I still miss it, but it gets easier. How much do I sound like I am talking about rehab or something?

jellybelly*jellybrain said...

Yup! That duck is smiling! Love your blog!

wendymiracle said...

that duck IS smiling for the camera.... hahaha!!! :) cute pics!!

Cece Marie said...

I went a whole month without any soda and it was the pits! I've decided we all deserve a vice or two and Diet Coke is going to remain one of mine. So, you enjoy that diet coke girl!
Your little man looks so incredibly adorable in his skivvies and boots!

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