Friday, September 14, 2012

photo friday! :)

I have been stockpiling photos over the past two weeks and then I happened to stumble on the CUTEST new blog.  Photo Friday is the theme for today, and you can share the last things you took photos of.  Here is my past week or two in photos- and it's feeling great to catch up here!! :)
2012-09-05 07.28.02
Andrew started third grade last week.  AH!  How did he become so grown up looking??!!  Where is my little boy??  He is loving his class, his school, everything about the new year so far.  That makes a momma very pleased. :)
336179_10100481856442867_722847779_o 325405_10100481856088577_850234749_o
He also started baseball!!  This is his first baseball team and he is so excited to play fall ball this year.  Here's to hoping he loves it, because I actually like watching baseball.  {As opposed to another certain sport that has started recently! ::cough::football::cough::}  So far so good, and he is so thrilled to play his first game on Sunday!!! :) :)
2012-09-10 16.08.38
My shop is undergoing some exciting changes!!!  New packaging for the Queen Bee Market next week!  Do you like???  Everything will now have these fab brown paper labels on them, and I should be phasing them into the shop orders after the market as well.  Plus there are some new items that will be hitting the shop as well- these cute polka dot trees are TOO cute.  Seriously, I am in love with them! :)  They will be available in the shop soon, but contact me through Etsy if you can't live without them and I'll see what I can do! ;)
2012-09-12 15.45.30
Another new item that will debut at the market next Saturday.  These fantastic new brown paper greeting cards!!!  This is one of my favorite songs and I love mason jars.  I just had to combine the two and voila!  Serious cuteness, in my opinion.  Hopefully some of you will agree! :)  These cards, along with some other mason jar card designs, will be in the shop after the market.
Speaking of the Queen Bee Market,
are you local to Southern California?!
Then stop by and see me at the event on
Saturday, September 22nd
from 9am to 3pm!
Here is a great info blog to get you set on where you will be going for this event. 
Hope to see some of you there!! :)
Pop over to see more photos here!
Hope you all enjoy a fantastic weekend!

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