Monday, September 24, 2012

a successful show!

2012-09-22 08.26.54
The Queen Bee Market was a success!!
This past Saturday, my talented sister and I put together a combined booth that turned out to be SO cute and so much fun!!  Both of our products meshed well together and the overall look of the booth was perfect.  Bright, happy and fun!!! :)
2012-09-22 08.27.03
2012-09-22 08.27.16
I had a display of new cards, tags, and cutouts!  My sister made amazing crowns, tiaras, headbands and wands! :)
2012-09-22 08.27.23
2012-09-22 08.27.31
2012-09-22 08.27.37
2012-09-22 08.27.50
All of my new items will be listed in the shop shortly.  If you see anything you'd like, contact me and I would be happy to arrange a custom order for you in my shop. :)
2012-09-22 08.27.58
2012-09-22 08.28.07  
Like I said, I will be busy listing NEW items today and probably tomorrow as well, since there is a LOT to photograph and get posted.  Keep your eye on the shop for new additions- I am so proud of the items that I sold and am able to offer my customers now! 
Thanks, Queen Bee!
And thanks, Mallory, for being a fab sister & booth partner!!! :)


Polka Dot Moon said...

Oh my goodness! What a darling booth! Talented family you have Holly :)

LOVE all your goodies!

Wish the market was closer ;)

The F Word Blog said...

Your booth is so adorable! I'm so sad I missed this market :( I hope you girls are at the next one!

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