Wednesday, September 19, 2012

{wedding wednesday} a simple craft!

I got married this past March, and I keep wanting to share all the little details of the wedding here on my blog.  John and I got married at the most perfect red barn, down near San Diego, and it was the most breathtking backdrop for what I wanted my wedding day to look like. 
So today, I am working my way from the outside in, and I'm going to show you the front doors to the barn, where all the guests came in to be seated.  We also decorated the back doors, which were actually closed during the ceremony and that was the backdrop to where we got married.
 {front doors}
{back doors & altar area}
{The wreaths in action behind us during our ceremony!  Love!}
I wanted to keep the doors simple, but add a special handmade touch.  I found this amazing wreath craft and knew I had hit the perfect decoration for the doors.  We had ongoing craft nights to make everything for my wedding {thank you to all the fab ladies who helped me!!!} so this was one of the crafts we accomplished.  Instead of a letter opener, we used a pencil to push the tissue paper into the styrofoam.  We also used Alene's craft glue instead of a glue gun, but either would work fine. :)
This is an amazingly simple craft that you can do for any season.  Use different colors of tissue paper to make a Halloween wreath {I think I will be doing a black glittery one for my front door next month!}, use Christmas or autumn colors, make a bright orange one for summer... the possibilities are seriously endless.  It is easy and effective and your front door will be so happy.
So glad to share this special handmade detail of my wedding day with you!  Stick with me as ech Wednesday I post something wedding-related :)  I am thrilled to finally be sharing all of this hard work with all of you.
I also want to give a huge THANKS to our amazing photographer, Leylla, who runs Imagery with Impact.  She took these fantastic photos and I will be forever grateful.  If you live anywhere near San Diego, call her immediately.  You won't regret it. :)
Happy Wednesday!!

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dstar said...

Can you tell me where you wedding location was?

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