Thursday, April 1, 2010

check this out! - "organic and chic"

If you've happened to peruse the books at Anthropologie lately, you might have stumbled upon this book already. I always love to pour over the beautiful books that are scattered around that favorite shop of mine. However, nothing so far compares to
Organic and Chic
by Sarah Magid
I mean, it might be one of the most beautiful baking books I've ever come across.
The cakes are gorgeous, the photography is gorgeous, the author's kids are gorgeous for goodness sake! I am seriously in love with this book. SO in love.
Sarah Magis is an all-organic baker, and she makes this seem so darn easy. With an introduction that is to the point, but still extremely informative, she makes eating organic seem understandable and manageable.
I mean, who doesn't want to bake a cake like this? And she tells you exactly how to do it! Flowers and all, eek! :)
{Not to say mine would turn out like this one, but it's worth a shot, right}

Pop over to your local library and check this one out.
You will want to bake everything in it.
OK, or you can just drool over the pictures. :)
Andrew is in his very first school program today!
His teacher chose him to greet the audience and I couldn't be more proud!!
Pictures will follow soon, I promise!

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Party Box Design said...

yay for preschool!

cute book!

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