Wednesday, March 31, 2010

perfectly spring-y.

The sun is out.
The sky is blue.
The wind is warm.
Spring is here!
And that means I am utterly inspired by all of these sweet "spring things"!
What a tasty looking cake, and so perfect for the season that is upon us! Leave it to Martha, right? Recipe here.

I want to run around barefoot in bright green grass with this dress on. Don't you?

Photo from Eddie Ross, who I totally adore. This spring color palette makes my mouth water. So inviting!

OK, forget what I said about being barefoot. My feet want to live in these. Yum!

And then I'll curl up in this fantastically cozy bed, painting my nails red and reading lots of fashion magazines. Pure heaven.
{photo source here.}
Happy spring!
xo! :)
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