Tuesday, April 13, 2010

shop love no. 3

"Moon Buns are delightful little bunnies that come from the land of Moon, a beautifully forested valley surrounded by mountains. The Moon Buns love to sing, dance, dress in fancy costuming and put on plays, but they love making new friends even more."

Picnik collage
Where can you get your own little moon bun?
From this whimsical little shop!
And the bees are to die for.
And the mochi birds, too.
And every single one of these little creatures, eek!
I bought Andrew the charcoal moon bun and tucked it in his stocking this past Christmas and he was instantly in love. He appreciates sweet little faces like I do and likes to take care of small stuffed animals. :)
I'd like to buy myself a whole pile of moon buns.
Who's with me?! :)

What are your current Etsy favorites?

1 comment:

Trina S. said...

omg soooooo adorable!


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