Monday, April 19, 2010

shopping is tough.

My sister and I went shopping a few days ago, all set to purchase our spring wardrobe. Gift cards in hand, cash at the ready, we went in with high hopes and great expectations. We weren't looking for anything crazy, just great staples that we can integrate throughout spring. And guess what?
We came up empty handed!!
Aside from a pair of
slammin' clear jellie flats {I have had an undying love for them since I was small!}, I bought nothing. Nothing!
Is is
that hard to find some cute pieces like my Polyvore set above???!
So, I am still looking and feeling frumpy in my less-than-perfect old clothes.
Hopefully I'll have success on my next shopping trip out!
Until then, I'll be window-shopping via Polyvore.
xo! :)

1 comment:

Christina Dann said...

I hate that! You see tons of perfect items when you're broke. Then, you go out all prepared and end up with SQUAT! Good luck on your next trip :)

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