Friday, April 18, 2008

martha = amazing.

I am one of those girls who checks the Martha Stewart website almost every single day. I have a mild obsession with her, which I'm sure stems back to when my mother watched Martha alllll the time. Back then, I didn't get why she did... but now as an adult who loves to craft and sew, I get it. I totally get it. In fact, one of my secret life goals is to be on the Martha show.. seriously, I LOVE HER. :)
I have one page in particular on her website that I go to quite a bit. She has a craft of the day page, and I love looking at all of her ideas! Here are a few pictures I saved that I love, love, love.

She made this awesome "flower" arrangement out of paper! How cool can Martha get???? I really want to make these exact flowers, but it will probably take me about sixteen hours to finish them, so I have yet to attempt them.

Is this reason enough to have some sort of dinner party??? I cannot even express to you how much I love this little place card idea... how freakin' pretty, I can't even stand it.

OK, so my sister makes fun of me because I love little birdie paraphernalia.... but in reality, real birds scare the crap out of me. Birds that are framed or made out of ceramics?? I love them. Yes, weird I know... but how cute is this little framed birdie business?? I love frames, and these ones are made using beans to decorate them. BEANS! Martha, you are killing me, you are so clever.

So enough of my Martha love-fest. It is safe to say I love her way too much and aspire to be just like her. :) It's a good thing.


Heidi Ann said...

Hi Holly, Simply LOVE this enty! Love, MOM

Regina said...

Hi Holly
I like Martha Stewart also.She has every time so wonderful ideas!!!
Sometimes I get the Martha Stewart magazine here in Germany.
Have a nice day Regina

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