Wednesday, April 23, 2008

i just love you..

The little one often gives me the sweetest little look and says to me.. "Mommy.. I just love you." And those few tiny words make my heart flutter. Who needs a boyfriend/husband/significant other/etc when you have such an important man in your life already?!! :)

I have been seriously collecting photos of Andrew the past couple days, meaning to post them on here. But life has gotten in the way and I haven't had a spare moment to blog. Anyway, here is a sprinkling of darling little pictures of the most adored little child in my life.. enjoy!
My OCD child, who must line his toys up in perfect patterns and have me document the "line-ups" with photos that he must see and approve... :) (Oh! And notice the "ba" in his mouth that we can't quite seem to give up yet!)

I go to school two afternoons/nights per week, and my lovely parents watch Andrew while I am gone. My mom, or "Ni-Ni" as Andrew calls her, snapped a few tub-time shots earlier tonite which I quite enjoyed!!

Each night when I go up to bed, I creep into Andrew's room to check on him... a habit from when he was a tiny baby I guess! Tonight he looked especially cozy with all of his pillows that I have made him, his blankie that he refers to as his "Blue" and his Tinkerbell blanket that my sister made him. :) I had to sneak a picture in... what a little sweet-pea!

"I just love you" too, little one! <3

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Heidi Ann said...

Hi Holly, One of the most important men in my life too!!! Love you both, MOM

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