Monday, April 21, 2008


Anyone that knows me understands that I am NOT into gardening. What-so-everrrr. But, my mom and my son love it. Andrew can't figure out why I don't like sitting out in the dirt and digging... I'm sure it stems back to the painstaking days that my sister and I spent weeding the slope in front of our old house in the blazing hot sun. NOT cool, especially when cute boys in the neighborhood are driving by and we were sweating bullets doing awful manual labor..!! (ie. chores!)

However, I do appreciate pretty flowers and plants, I just don't like to actually plant and take care of them. My mom has been planting roses and this year they bloomed and are so pretty! So while I sort of stole this photo from her blog (sorry, Momma!!)... I was actually the photographer for this particular picture and figured I, too, have the right to blog about it! :) The roses are in our front yard and it makes me happy when I drive up to the house and see them!

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