Sunday, April 27, 2008

exercise is the enemy.

I have been trying my hardest to lose weight lately. I have been eating much healthier, I gave up Diet Coke three whole days this week (I am in serious withdraw!!!!) and I have been reluctantly attempting to exercise. The past two days I have been running and swimming and am actually very proud of myself!

But usually it is such a struggle to get my big butt onto the treadmill... so I have decided to have a goal "look" in my mind to help me get to my goal weight. I was watching Gossip Girl today (Yes, I love that show, I am not ashamed to admit it!) and I cannot even express how much I love Blake Lively on that show, and her CUTE outfits. How seriously cool is she?!! I might have to bust the sewing machine out and make some cute clothes!

I do already have the boots covered- I saw her wearing those ridiculously awesome over-the-knee boots and purchased the same pair in brown immediately. Now I just need to lose the rest of my weight and make some new clothes for myself!! I am down 15 pounds total, so let's all hope I can keep up the good work! ;)

Also, I was watching a movie that we got from NetFlix last night. I don't think it came out in theatres, but it was actually much better than I thought it was going to be. It was called "Suburban Girl" and starred Sarah Michelle Gellar and Alec Baldwin. It was a good romantic-ish kind of movie, but the best part was Sarah's wardrobe!!! I have been google-ing all evening, but can't find the pictures I am looking for. This one is the best I could find, but I cannot stress how freakin' cute she was in this movie! It is worth renting just for the style inspirations, seriously!

And in completely unrelated news, I added more items to my Etsy shop! I am so proud of the cute tags I have been creating, and am looking forward to sewing some things to put up for sale as soon as I can. With finals looming ahead, I am so looking forward to summer when I can relax and do lots of sewing, scrapbooking, crafting, etc, etc, etc!! Oh yes, and exercising......


Cherry Menlove said...

I think it's great that you love Gossip Girls. We don't have that over here but I am a HUGE fan of the Girls Next Door! Eeeeek!!

Love Cherry xoxoxox

Lesley said...

Dear Holly,

It is lovely to meet you and thanks for visiting my blog and leaving your kind thoughts!

In answer to your question, yes, I make those notebooks...or I should say, embellish them. I have only offered them at shows so far, so they won't be found on my website.

I am in sympathy with you on the exercising! I just started my annual-springtime-lose weight-time. It is hard being disciplined, but feels so good in the end. I appreciate the inspiration to carry on...

Wishing you well with your sweet life,


London said...

ooh Cherry you are wrong dear. Gossip Girl is here in the UK :0)You don't know what you are missing!

Lovely blog ;0)

London Southern Belle

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