Thursday, April 17, 2008

I want to live my life inside "brocade" ...

I always have ideas concerning my decorating style. Am I the "shabby-chic" kind of girl, with lots of ruffles and frill and white walls and cute prints? Or am I the "bo-ho" look, with mis-matched bright pop fabrics and funky accessories??? Am I city chic, with streamlined furniture and minimal clutter??? Or do I want the clutter? What it boils down to is.... I don't know.

But what I do know is, is that I would love my life to take place inside a Brocade catalog. Every time I receive this catalog in the mail, I drool over it!! I mean, drooooooool over it. Move me in!!! It is amazing. Gorgeous beds, gorgeous chandeliers hung in bizarre places, gorgeous mirrors that would look perfect with my mercury glass obsession....... drool, drool, drool.

The only problem is, this room will never happen to me. Why? Because it would drive me absolutely crazy to exist in a room with no color and no clutter and no coziness. So there it is, is that my decorating style??? Cluttered, cozy and colorful?? Yes, when I hear those three words I immediately feel cheerful and I can envision the type of room and type of house I want to exist in. And unfortunately, it actually is not the one pictured above.

...I think tomorrow I am going to work very hard at making my space something that truly makes me feel cozy and happy, something I seriously love.

But for tonight, I will still imagine that I live in the metallic Brocade bedroom.... A girl can dream, can't she???? :)

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Kathleen aka Coffee Mom said...

What a gorgeous room! I'm with you on the not being able to decide my style. I love so many looks. I'm off to check out the Brocade website- I'm drooling already!

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