Monday, March 4, 2013

Declan is Two Months Old! :)

Happy two month birthday to you, Declan!
{well, a few days ago actually.}
This month you are starting to get chunky and so much bigger it seems. How you've grown since last month's photo!!!  You have the cutest cheeks and the sweetest little wrist rolls;) You have started to smile all the time and you are the happiest baby!! You and I "chat" everyday, especially when you are getting your diaper changed. You love to lay there and coo at me and I love to hear you talk! :) You love your floor activity gym and you are so cute when you kick your legs like crazy. We have figured out that you love to be in a baby carrier while I get some chores for around the house, which is quite helpful! You are eating close to five or six ounces at every feeding and you are sleeping so much better. There have been a couple nights you have slept straight through around eight hours even! Let's keep this up, baby boy! ;)  Your big brother is wild about you, and you think he is fabulous, smiling at his every chance you get.
We love having you in our lives, and our family would not be complete without you.
Happy two months, my littlest boy. :)
Love, Mom xo!

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Polka Dot Moon said...

He's adorable Holly!

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