Saturday, March 16, 2013

Words of Inspiration: no. 2

This weekend, my husband is away in Arizona with two of his brothers and his uncle. They are out there for the Angels spring training and are having a ball so far watching baseball until they come home on Monday.
Since we got married last year, this is the longest I am going without my hubby here with me. The nights alone in my bed??? Hmmmph. I am already missing him. At least I am spending some quality time with my two darling sons. ;)
BUT, like these wise words state, sometimes being alone is healthy. Sometimes we need that to recharge, to watch what we want to watch, to eat what we want to eat, to spend the evenings with your self. It's healthy. And it's making me realize just how much I appreciate my husband being home with me. That man is getting a big fat smooch when he gets back, believe me. :)
Now I am off to watch an early Angels baseball game of my own... only my son is on this team. Go little league Angels! Hopefully Andrew's team will remain undefeated today!!! :)
Happy Saturday, xo!

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