Thursday, March 14, 2013

American Idol Recap - Top 10

Seriously, Candice and Amber owned everyone else in the competition last night. Need I say more??? They both looked and sounded amazing. Way, way, way above the rest.

That being said, I still like Kree a whole lot. She is beautiful and has a lovely voice. Also, I have a weird love for Paul Jolley. I love his it just me? Maybe because I love musicals, but I think he is cool. :) And another favorite is Angie. She had an amazing voice and looked gorgeous last night. But get back on the piano, girl.

Who are you loving so far? Who did you like last night?? Xo!


Jessica H said...

My favorites are Angie, Kree, and Burnell. :) Candice and Amber are great too!

Beverly said...

I did my post on AI today, too. My favs were Candice and Kree.

I was glad you linked for Blog Shop last week. I hope you will continue.

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