Wednesday, February 6, 2013

one month old.

Happy one month, Declan!
Declan is the best little baby.  He rarely cries unless something is wrong.  He is starting to make the cutest little coos and sounds.  He is focusing on us like crazy!  He watches me walk through the room and i sstarted to smile a little more.  Not sure if that should still be blamed on gas, but it sure is cute. :)  He went in for his one month appointment and is packing on the pounds!  He gained three pounds in the past three weeks and is now a whopping 9 pounds 8 ounces!  Hungry, growing boy! :)  He is sleeping in longer stretches and we sometimes get five or six hours of sleep straight, which is wonderful.  We just love having him here, part of our daily lives, and we feel blessed to have such a content and happy baby so far!!
Technically, I should have posted this photo on February 1st.
It just took me six days to actually get this photo edited and blogged.
Life of a mother with a newborn, right?
But I really want to take these monthly photos- they are so important!
OK, baby needs a bottle and momma needs a nap.
New things are being planned for this little blog.
I am desperately wanting to be back here with lots of new ideas and exciting updates, so please stay tuned.
Liking the new look to the blog??
Did you notice?! :)

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