Wednesday, July 14, 2010

a vintage atlas = love.

{vintage atlas pages found here}

Andrew adores maps.
He pours over the vintage atlas I bought him,
he is constantly drawing treasure maps for himself,
and he loves learning where places are located.

And now that we got a cute vintage globe as well,
it got me thinking...
I wanted to indulge his map-loving side,
and incorporate some of it into his bedroom.

I simply love the room above.
Isn't it perfection?!
I think the map hanging behind the bed is genius.
From a design standpoint, it looks amazing.
And from an educational standpoint, what could be better to add to your child's room? He will constantly be looking at it and learning, and it is so darn cute at the same time. :)

I also love this lampshade that is covered with a map!
Wouldn't it be great to cover one with vintage maps,
or possibly maps from where you live or where you have traveled?
Some place special to you or your child?

I will keep you all posted with my map-making progress.
Photos of Andrew's cozy little room are going to follow very soon as well!

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Happy Wednesday!


{Erica} said...

sooo...we decorated jonas's map with a little bit of a map/globe's not quite done yet and you've given me some good ideas :)

scrappydarling said...

Hi! Love your fun products!


Just came over from Lil bit funky!!
I love your shop & blog. The birdies are my favorite.

Anonymous said...


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