Wednesday, July 7, 2010

our trip in pictures.

Andrew & I took a fantastic trip up to Spokane, Washington to visit my grandparents. We had the best time. It was a chance to visit with family, see some beautiful places, and experience the country up north. We even got a little bit of rain while we were there! :)
{which, coming from Southern California, I loved!}
I thought I'd share some of the photos of the time we spent there.
We went over to Idaho to Silverwood theme park with my grandparents!

It is seriously beautiful there. Trees, grass, and it seems like we are out in the middle of the woods.

Essentially, we were! We took a three-mile train ride into the woods. We drove by buffalo, and there was a train robbery as well, which Andrew thought was fantastic! :)

The train was so old-fashioned and beautiful.

Andrew and I, being goofy. :)

And of course, we got very wet on the log river ride.
It made us laugh so hard, and is such a fun memory. :)

Then we made a trip over to visit my other grandma... Andrew calls her "Gi-Gi B"! :)

Downtown Spokane has a gorgeous waterfall area with bridges crisscrossing the river, and we rode a gondola ride that took us directly over the Spokane Falls here.

Andrew thought it was awesome. :) He wanted to walk over each and every bridge!

Then we took a trip out to the fish hatchery, as well.

It was incredible to see how these tiny little fish grow to these enormous five pound beasts. Andrew fed them a loaf of bread and they went nuts over it. At that moment, I was incredibly glad to be a vegetarian. :)

Andrew loved the name of the "cutthroat trout" and thought these guys were the bullies of all the fish. Maybe they are? :)

All in all, a wonderfully fun trip.
Washington is truly a gorgeous place in our country.
It was sad to say goodbye to family,
but it's also very nice to be home. :)


Heather at Blessed Little Nest said...

the photo of you and your mini me is so cute!! and i love the one of andrew in his fancy sunglasses. so glad to hear you had a great time.

Cindy said...

Looks so lush and green there...not quite what we are used to seeing here in IL!
Looks like a wonderful trip
Enjoy the night

Maxabella said...

Hi there, I just found your blog very randomly via the "Next Blog" button. I really love it and I'm your newest follower. x

mel @ the larson lingo said...

love the pictures! looks like a great trip! I have been to Seattle once, it is so pretty up there!

Amie said...

It looks like you had a wonderful trip! When I was younger my parents took my brother and I on one of those train rides with the robbers...I just remember staring outside and then seeing these bandits on horses race up to the train and jump on the back! I think we were in Wyoming or Montana, but I remember being TERRIFIED. I thought it was real and I took my little mermaid purse and pushed it as far under the seat as I could. Aah, the memories. :)

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