Thursday, July 29, 2010


Project Runway's on tonite!!!
Pure excitement!!!!

I also am oh-so-obsessed with So You Think You Can Dance.
I just started watching it this year
and can't believe I have lived so long without this show!
I adore Kent and Lauren.
I have it taped from last night,
and can't wait to catch up on my shows, eek! :)
{PS.. How hot is Twitch? Love him!}

I am so looking forward to seeing Charlie St. Cloud.
I love looking forward to movies like this,
and I hope it lives up to my expectations!
Plus, Zac Efron is totally dreamy. :)
I also can't wait for Eat Pray Love!
I gobbled up that book and hope the movie is just as moving!
I am now reading Elizabeth Gilbert's new book, Committed, which is so-far-so-fab!

Andrew and I are headed out this morning
to see a fantastic local concert!
Haven't heard of Hullabaloo? They rock.
Get a CD for your kids and you will actually enjoy listening to the kids music while driving them around, I promise. :)

And... shop excitement!!!
I am in love with these new dictionary cutouts
What is it about the star shape that is so darn cute?!
Perfect for Halloween or Christmas.
Versatile little suckers, aren't they? :)
Convo me if you need them in a specific color, too.
I love custom orders, yay!

What is exciting you these days?
TV shows?
Anything? :)
Happy Thursday, my friends! xo!


Jess said...

Oh, bummer we missed you at Hullabaloo. My nieces went but Avi has dance class :(. Have fun!!!

CraftGirlAlli said...

Thanks for the reminder about project runway! I forgot!

elsiee said...

I am SOOOO excited about Project Runway! I have watched every season of SYTYCD and I have to say I thought last nights episode had the weakest choreography of any show of any season that I can remember... I'm bitter and still not over Alex being gone... "sigh"...

Heather at Blessed Little Nest said...

off to dvr project runway...and i can't wait to see eat, pray, love too!

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