Monday, July 19, 2010

christmas in july!

It's summer. It's hot outside.
But it's never too early to be planning for the holidays, right?! :)
There is a fantastic
event taking place this week
There will be guest posts, giveaways, and goodies galore ALL week long!
I'll be guest posting on Friday,
but pop over today to check things out!
You will want to turn on some Christmas music,
I am sure of it!
And here are a couple other things
to get you in the {early} holiday spirit:
I adore these colors. The bright green mixed in with the red and white seems so fresh! :)

Love, love, love this motif. So funky- I can't wait to tie these onto Christmas gifts!
There will be MORE items to come, but these are the first tastes of "holiday" in my shop so far and I am so excited about it! Now get yourself over to Teresa's blog and get in the holiday spirit!! :)
The wedding was fantastic this past weekend!
Andrew looked so adorable in the tux!
Photos tomorrow! :)

1 comment:

Teresa said...

Thanks for the shout-out girlie. See my post today...getting off to a rocky start. Oh, the woes of this balancing act called life. :)

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