Friday, May 28, 2010

love = ryan star.

I am going to urge you to listen to my most favorite singer of all time.
Is he well-known and ultra-famous?
No. But he is amazing.
Ryan Star.

If you happened to watch that silly little show called Rockstar a few years ago,
you might know who he is. He didn't win the show, but he did make a huge impression on me.
I have been following him ever since, going to each show he has played in San Diego.
His voice is gorgeous, his music is emotional and beautiful, and he is so darn nice as well.
Each time I've seen him live, my sister and I have been able to go up to talk with him and take photos. He never makes you feel rushed and truly wants to make a connection with his fans.

I was driving to pick up Andrew a few days ago and heard him on the radio for the first time and FLIPPED OUT. This is someone I have listened to for years, but I have never heard him on a mainstream radio station until now. I was so giddy!!! :)
His new CD will be coming out this summer, so go to his website and listen to his songs.
Seriously, you will thank me for this. :)
He's going to be very famous one day, I predict.
Oh yeah, and he is extra sexy.
{That can't hurt, right?}

October 2006

abc 012
July 2009

April 2010

{Sidenote: Don't you love how my hair color has changed just a bit over the years? :) }

Here is his new single that is on the radio! :) LOVE this video and it's message.

Here's the song that has been on my blog playlist for quite some time. Gorgeous video! :)

OK, now I hope you develop a deep love for Ryan Star like my sister and I did.
Let me know what you think. :)
Happy listening!


{amy k.} said...

love finding great new music- thanks for sharing.

and those pictures are great, you look beautiful!!

Cat said...

I have read your blog periodically for crafty and kid ideas--love it! You and your sis are adorable.

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