Saturday, May 15, 2010

happy saturday!

Today will be a relaxing day.
The coffee is brewing,
we've checked out lots of movies from the library,
and I am ready to have a quiet day!
Yesterday, I went with Andrew's kindergarten class to
the Wild Animal Park.
It was SO fun and the kids loved it,
but now I'm ready for a calm weekend at home. :)
Pour yourself a cup of coffee and enjoy your Saturday, too!
Isn't that the cutest coffee mug?!
It is from AceroStudio on Etsy!
Happy Pink Saturday! :)


Anonymous said...

have a fun relaxing day!!!!!

Party Box Design said...

I am drinking coffee too, but I do NOT think its going to be a relaxing weekend here!


Christa Terry said...

Super cute mug!

We won't be having a relaxing weekend. Or maybe it'll be more relaxing than I think? We have to put in all our seedlings (finally!), move our bed out of the babies room, and I have to WORK, ugh.

Relax a bit for me :-)

Meg said...

Love the cup and your short little post! Less is more! Brilliant!!! Have a wonderful weekend! Meg

Anonymous said...

I love days like that....Love the pink bike too!
Happy Pink Saturday!

Annesphamily said...

That mug is so cute! Hope your day was calm! Mine was spent shopping at the thrift stores. I found two dolls at 55% off! It was a fun experience! I enjoyed stopping by and hope your Pink Saturday was perfect! Come join me soon. Anne

AshTreeCottage said...

I envy your quiet Pink Saturday!!

Susan and Bentley

Monica H said...

I was browsing through your blog earlier this afternoon but I didn't have time to comment.

You have such pretty things on here and I love your paper art. Thanks for visiting my blog.

Have a great weekend!


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