Monday, May 10, 2010

a broken dvd player & mother's day smiles. :)

Give my child a broken piece of equipment and he will tear it apart to find out what's inside. :) My DVD player stopped working a few days ago, so I sent Andrew outside with that and a hammer. He was happily tinkering for an hour on this thing.
z 263

And having a kindergartner on Mother's Day means a day full of handmade crafts and gifts from my little one. He made me piles of adorable little things that are so meaningful to me {i love handmade!} but this has got to take the cake as the sweetest thing I received yesterday...
z 266
His teacher asked each of the kids these questions about their moms. I love reading these answers, and I'm so happy I only weigh 80 pounds! Looks like I've lost a few pounds lately haha! ;) And the drawing that Andrew made of me is the most hilarious. He drew my blonde hair on top of the dark parts underneath, which is spot on. I love it.
And I love you, Andrew!!!
Thank you for making your momma very happy on Mother's Day!
Hope all of you mommas had a super day yesterday!
xo! :)


emily sparks said...

Absolutely adorable!

Four Flights said...

that fill in the blank paper is so cute! My daughter made one too and she said my favorite place to go was to "lots of stores because we are always running out of food." ah the mind of a 5 year old! Looking forward to meeting you at Blog Sugar!

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