Thursday, August 20, 2009

kitchen table turned craft area.

I love being creative and I love being able to incorporate handmade things into my life. But the best thing to come from being able to express yourself artistically is how it is passed on to the next generation. I absolutely adore watching Andrew "craft"... he knows he can get out his art supplies and create whenever he would like. He feels independent enough to accomplish all of these fabulous ideas swirling around in his head and I love to watch that. I feel proud that I have passed on the creative gene to my child! :)

We have a craft table for Andrew with all of his supplies, but it is also nice to keep a little tin with some "take-along" supplies that he can tote around the house to wherever I am working. If I am doing the dishes, the kitchen table turns into his craft area easily!

In his bucket, I always keep pipe stem cleaners, various sheets of stickers, a stack of small white craft paper, and markers. You can add anything you want to these tins, but I find that a small grouping of fun, yet non-messy items works perfectly. No matter where he drags these things, he can't do too much damage. We'll keep the glue to the craft table area haha! :)
Happy crafting, xo! :)

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Polka Dot Moon said...

Another generation of talent from your family :)

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