Monday, August 24, 2009

found no.3 - back to school supplies!

Today is Andrew's first full-length day of kindergarten... the past three weeks have all been only minimum days to help the kindergartners adjust to school in general. But today, I am on my own until 2:30pm! What in the heck am I going to do with myself??? :)

Well.... With fall arriving and back to school time upon us, isn't it fun to grab a few new supplies for yourself? Yes, the kids need backpacks. Yes, you need to stock up on lined paper, Elmer's glue, pencils, pens, you name it. But isn't it also fun to find some unique pieces that you yourself can use at this time of year?! I sure think so! Here are some of my faves...
This is possibly the cutest pencil ever. From Anthropologie, this Flowering Twig Pencil is only five bucks! What a steal for the cutest thing around, right?

I am a huge list-maker. With school, activities for your kids and yourself, work, errands, cleaning... wouldn't it be nice to make a list on this special To-Do Paper from Paper Source?!

And everyone needs a big calendar to keep the family's events straight, and this one from PB Teen tops my list for cuteness! I love the chalkboard and it would be so fun for you and your kids to decorate each month or season! :) Functional, but super stylish!!

And PS.

I write notes in Andrew's lunch box every morning, and was looking for some inspiration to draw from... and you know what I found? SO many sites have printable lunch box notes, I had no idea! My favorites are here, since Andrew is a huge Nick Jr. fan! He will be opening his lunchbox and seeing Oswald & his dog Weenie today hehe!! :)

Happy Monday, friends!!! xo!


Jeremy said...

Hi Holly --

I totally agree that school supplies are not something you have to forget about just because, um, you're no longer in school.

That's why I started making updated versions of the paperbag book covers we used to make as kids. You can see pictures at

I hope you like them!


Cottage Rose said...

Hey Holly; Love love that pencil just to cute... Love the chalk board that is a great idea... and last the note in the lunch box is just so great,, how special for him to see from Mom.... hope he is doing well and having fun.. Andrew sure has grown up.. and still a cutie pie.


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