Monday, August 17, 2009

found no.2 - fall cuteness!

I have been dreaming of fall lately... fall colors, fall clothing, fall shoes, fall school shopping! I love this time of year when people are finishing up with summer and looking forward to the next season. It always seems exciting to me, a time for a fresh start and a fresh look! I have found some majorly cute things this past week that have put me in a happy fall mood! :)
OMG... The Havana Sweater Coat from Anthropologie... Anyone want to toss away $198 to buy this one for me??? haha! :)

My sister has one of the candythief's headbands from Etsy and loves it! This one is oh-so-perfect with the autumn leaves and colors.

Mary Jane shoes scream fall to me! I love this patent leather pair from Nordstrom... so reminiscent of the little Mary Jane buckle shoes I wore when I was little! :)

A darling little cloche hat with a feather. Very vintage looking and super cute with those Mary Janes, right??? :)

A gorgeous, yet easy-to-wear shirtdress in a great autumn color! I could wear something like this everyday... so cute with boots, flats, tights, heels... very versatile! :)

What are your favorite things to wear in the fall season?? What things have you seen lately that you are dying to share?! I would love any cute fall tips from you all!
Happy Monday, xo!


Anonymous said...

Honestly Holly, I'm not going to keep visiting you if you keep posting all this lovely stuff when I need to save money ;-) Those shoes and that headband are to-die-for! Just hearted that shoppe...woo hoo!

Jamie :)

{Erica} said...

Love those shoes, the headband and the dress. AWESOME.

One of the few things I don't like about FALL!! It's my favorite season and it's pretty much non existent here. *Boo-hoo!*

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